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County of Aeilsir



The County of Aeilsir resides in the Duchy Zylphania under protection of the Jarl Bombastus and lead by the Eberstarks, revered as one of the clans of old. Now united under the great clan Everlake their house and land are loyal to the Kingdom of Vornair. This county is RP friendly but not required of its citizens. Decisions made by the influential parties that reside in these lands will have no relation to the roleplaying that goes on within it. It is my duty and goal to ensure its citizens are feeling free, prosperous, and purposeful throughout the generations for which their families may live. It is for that reason that I align myself with likeminded rulers such as the duke and king who aim to not restrict and monitor their citizens but provide an environment where they may flourish through free trade and innovation.


As the count of Aeilsir, I have taken the time observing other groups to see what existed and took into account my own personal goals with the land I will govern. In the end I decided I want to create a county whose purpose is for the people and to be someone who helps both its citizens and the duchy grow. While there exist many groups that want to focus research, military, mercantilism, and ultimately be a great power I look to have my country recognized through its support of the duchies foundation. How I plan to do this moving forward is by being a "bread basket" so to speak. I want to be the producer of raw goods, the explorers, the survivalist, the people who make their living be supplying the basics to sustain themselves and the duchy as a whole. They are the group of people who I feel are often overlooked yet they are vital. For me, I want to give those people a place they can call home as well as provide them the ability to push boundaries in their given fields. Thus, for those reading...I thank you for taking the time and welcome you. If you have questions, are looking to join, or want to form a partnership feel free to reply or ping me on discord!


The Aeilsir believe that the natural world is a sacred gift and should be treated with respect. They see Mann as the new guardians of nature and seek to protect and improve upon the Eyrian world the Qin have provided for them. It is through their focus on research and safe implementation of natural sciences such as husbandry, herbalism, apothecary, agriculture, taming, and botany that have allowed the Aeilsir to grow and flourish into the county it has become.

Aeilsir enjoy the natural beauty from all lines of crafts whether it be Fletching, Woodworking, Culinary, etc. so much so that often its people look to make masterful artwork of their crafts believing it to be their way of saying 'Thank You' to the Qin. To them as long as the items forged by the hands of Mann serves a purpose for its own people and does not permanently damage the land and its wildlife it is an acceptable sacrifice.

The Jötnar

The Aeilsir's guards, known as the jötnar, differ from knights in that they are taught to learn skills closer to that of a Hunter and Forager than Soldier. They see the skills of one who can understand and use nature to their advantage as true warriors. These warriors favor light armor and weapons as well as take pride in their ability with a bow. Their duty it so uphold the laws in Aeilsir state and making sure its citizens and land are protected from those who seek it harm whether that be violence, theft, or excessive resource gathering in hunting, strip mining, and deforestation. The jötnar also act as scouts and explorers for the county. Often they will be sent to explore and report back any findings to local nobility.

County Government

The governing body under the count, formally known as The Aeilsir Ministry, will look after the citizens of its land will consist of each of the Baron/Baroness' which reside in the county, the Head Jötnar, the Kvasir, and the Mötunautr.

Head jötnar

Held By: Position Open

Leader of the county guard and the Eberstark Families personal protector. They also act as the counties military strategist during times of war.


Held By: Position Open

Eberstark Clans personal adviser concerning all issues on their land and taxes. Would be seen as the finance minister of the county.


Held By: Position Open

A citizen elected by the people of the county to represent them and be their voice at the meetings and discussion regarding the counties affairs.

Ruling Clan

  • Clan Everlake of The Kingdom of Vornair -- Discord

Great Clan

  • Clan Bombastus of the Duchy of Zylphania -- Discord

County's Clan

  • Clan Eberstark of the County if Aeilsir -- Discord

Allied Clans

  • Clan Heart of the County of Heartland
  • Clan Stonehammer of the County of Securitas
  • Clan Dal Riata of the County of Arenthia


  • Helgrim Enterprises -- Discord
  • Arenthian College of Military Technology

Again, I thank you for taking the time to look through this post! If you have questions, are looking to join, or want to form a partnership feel free to reply or ping me on Discord!

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One of the jewels of the Helgrim crown. Nice post, Count Eberstark!

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I just read your lore post. Very excellent.

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