RP Tavern (Forum post): The Rooster and Kitten

OOC Note: Hey everyone, I'm new on the forum, and wanted to see how many were interested in Roleplay for when CoE Comes out. I'm a huge fan of the games concept and the mechanics they are introducing. I don't know if there already is an IC tavern on the forum for Roleplayers, but yeah, this is one of the things I'd like make with the character I make when I get CoE. Enjoy your stay at my tavern, and have fun. Meet other Roleplayers, and make contacts for when we all can log in and meet face to face.

IC introduction:

A big man with a round belly and muscular arm, stands behind the bar at western wall, he waves you over to him, as he sees you walk inside. On closer inspection his almost bald, except for the curling orange lock of hair by the edge of his forhead. His clothes are stained with dirth, ale and food splashes, but otherwise clean.

"Welcome, friend! To the Rooster and Kitten.

Get your thirst quenched and belly filled at the bar, and warm your warry feet at the hearth. Tell a story, play a song, or join your fellow adventures in a game of cards, the bar is open all day and night long.

What, Who's the owner of this establishment? Can't tell you, he likes to remain anonymous. But hey, he pays for the establishment to serve its patreons needs.

There's ale, mead and wine for drinking. Water if your sheepish. There's salted meat, cheese and bread for food, even some porridge with wildberries if you like.

Just follow the rules and you'll be fine. Don't break the funiture, no fighting that can harm the interior actually. If people complain about your behavior you'll be getting a time out. Got it?

GOOD! Then take a peak around!"

The Rooster and Kitten is a cozy spacious tavern. The wooden furniture is of various designs, some are cushined others are hard wood. On the stone walls hangs lush crimson colored tapetries, with golden, embroideries of a Kitten riding the back of rooster, in between the stained glass windows. The warm hearth at the norhtern wall of the tavern, illuminates a large portion of the tavern in warm dim light, while bringing warmth to the tavern as well. A staircase up to the second floor and sleeping quarters rests at the eastern wall.

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Posted By Veingloria at 4:12 PM - Wed May 31 2017

A middle-aged woman in clean, if somewhat thread worn, dress approaches the barkeep. She carries a wicker basket covered with a bright piece of gingham over one arm.

She smiles at the barkeep and sets her basket on the bar, then pulls out a warm, flakey meat pie.

"Would you like slice?" she asks the barkeep. "I've come to ask about a job in your kitchen, and this mutton pie is my letter of application."

While polishing the mugs he'd look to the woman. He'd offer her a wide smile. Breaking his silence once more. "Sure, I'd like a slice. As for a job. hrrmmm. Well, we can see what you can do. Making food is good and all, but keeping the customers happy is more important.. So here's wha we do. You go mingle and check if people are feeling well, and I'll taste this here pie." The barkeep let's out a hearty chuckle before, reaching for the pie casing attempting to grasp it..

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Isibeal's violet eyes studied Charles a frown etching it's way over her face. She reached out and pulled Charles closer so she could whisper in his ear. " Im curious, to find out who would be bold enough to tamper with your horse, perhaps we should find out" she lowered the cowl that had hidden most of her face as she waved the bartender over.

Richard would have raised an eyebrow at the lady. He grummles a bit, before standing up. He grasps something behind the counter and hides it beneath the fall of his apron. Waiting a moment he looks at the duo as they come walk outside and shortly after follows them.

As he walks around the corner he would here the stable boy. "By the gods... You ain't gone home yet lad? You know I don't pay you for working over time..." He sighs placing a big hand on the boys head ruffling the shoulder long brown hair. Richard proceeds to look around, his gaze stopping at an open barrel in the corner of the stable. Seemingly empty from the angle the four would be standing. "That damned Tipple... I told him to close the fucking barrel..." Richards proceeds over to barrel and takes the lit of it. placing onto the barrel with a sigh. He kicks it three times fast and one time short, before he would return to the others.

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Isibeal watches Richard with a slight amusement as he kicks the barrel. Taking note of the missing lid she turns her attention back to Charles. " I plan on staying out here tonight. I want to find out who is hoping to block our way and stop them before they become an issue" she said as she watch Richard walk toward them. .

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Between all the excitement in the morning, our fair adventurers are hardly notice they are being watched. A fox, roughly the size of a child with it's winter coat beginning to grow sits on it's haunches and stares intently at the shrouded woman and blonde man. Head tilted and whimpering slightly as if asking for food.

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Charles stops before entering the stable, hearing a soft whimpering coming from somewhere nearby. He looks around for the sound's maker, and eventually notices a small fox who seems quite hungry. Charles smiles a small bit, kneels, and beckons the creature to him while looking over to Isibeal.

"Think you could get this little one some meat? As winter fast approaches, this one will need the warmth of new fat."

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The fox, being beckoned approaches cautiously just outside of arms reach and sits on its haunches again. A strikingly intelligent face looks between the two and again cocks it's head in mock confusion.

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