Duchy of Fehu NA/E

Location: Kingdom of Vornair (NA-E) Contact Info: Duchy of Fehu discord


For ages, the lands known as Fehu were wilderness occupied by savage mountain tribes, pirates and outlaws, situated on a mountain range of the Northern Sea. For generations, kingdoms and empires have tried to bring the light of civilization to Fehu’s rugged shores. They all failed. After years of bloody civil war, one clan subjugated all other clans and united them, for the first time in history, under the rule of one single mann : Duke Mythos Cardan the Mad.

Mythos, and his sole surviving brother Arwan, after 10 years of bloody battles managed to establish their rule and get recognition from the King.

The Cardans succeeded where all other magnates tried and failed: they brought these untamed lands into the New Age.

Often bards sing of Fehu as place full of danger and mystery, a place where few dare to go, and never come back. But, the reason they do not come back is because mead is sweeter in Fehu, courtesans are softer and nimbler than anywhere in Elyria. and the forbidden is but a whisper away. Fehu is place where word “sin” does not exist. Where you can lose your life on a wrong drop of dice, or find fortune on the pointy end of your blade.

Justice in Fehu is like this land, swift and brutal, wergild system, if you are caught you will pay. One way or the other.

Fehu, besides being known for it’s mead halls and courtesans, is also known as the producer of the highest quality blades and armors. A place where an adventurer goes to sell or buy exotic foods, rare items, contraband and relics not usually found in Elyrian markets.

Fehians are as much traders as they are raiders, as much crafters as they are a bearded horde slamming their axes on their shields calling for blood to be spilled. What makes Fehu different from any other place in Elyria is the true freedom of it’s citizens. ‘Aristocracy’ is new concept in Fehu. Mythos and his wife, known as the “Golden Canary” or the “Scarlet Witch”, are seen often among their people dancing in the same mead halls, working the same fields and forests.

Fehu draws from Norse and “noble savage” motifs. Symbols of Fehu are Raven, crescent moon of Lethe and Fehu rune.

In short, Fehu is like a coin. The first side, is one of peace, where we focus on trade, entertainment and production. The other side of coin is war, brutal unrelenting and savage. The third side of the coin - the rim that holds the coin together is that of the Fehu navy, swift merchant ships capable of trade or war.

OOC: Roleplay is highly encouraged but not mandatory, In Fehu first and foremost we want you to have fun.

We are building a close knit gaming community that is odd, not your typical COE fare. So if you are a misfit, have a biting sense of humor and are not afraid to speak your mind, join us.

I will only promise you this: “You will never have boring day in Fehu”.

We are looking for Counts, barons/mayors, adventurers, craftsmenn/womenn, farmers, courtesans, thieves, assassins, and especially midgets.

This recruitment post is under construction, it might change considerably closer to launch, stuff might be added or taken off, if you are interested in the very rich lore of Fehu contact me Mythos Cardan on The Fehu discord.

All of the art seen here is made by the super talented Arwan “the Crafty” Cardan.

Our coat of arms is a Black raven on blood red field, and a blood red Fehu rune on a black field. Red and black will be integrated in my armor designing experience. I will make a community poll to come up with the name of the armor set when time comes.

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Duchy news- Just joined Vornair

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I am glad to have Fehu join Vornair.

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can i join your duchy im trying to create a guild its called the mages guild we focus on training and hiring people who have magic.

3/16/2017 5:56:54 PM #4

that would be great though i would suggest not going mage as they will be extremely rare

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You are welcome to join us twistedjack

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Anyone else notice the dislike spam from our rival kingdom?

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I really like the idea of this duchy! Looking forward to find out more about it. there are not a lot of duchies out there that support specific production professions. Unfortunate that it is on NA though.

Sincerely, Brolorz

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Please move to Luna Domain

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Come meet Mythos, dude is a P.I.M.P.! for reals!