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Monday, January 11th is our weekly Live Chat. I'll be on DM21 Gaming's YouTube channel where BicycleWalrus will be asking the questions and I'll be answering them! Live! With my voice! You'll get to hear answers straight from the horse's mouth. Hmm... I guess that makes me the horse.

Please use this forum topic to post your questions for the Live Chat. We may not answer all of them, but we'll do the best we can.


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1/10/2016 6:41:35 PM #1
  1. What are your estimate prices for the starting soul pack with the spark of life? Since the estimate for a single spark is estimated at $29.99, I wonder how much the initial cost of buying the game would be.

  2. Will your fame be visible to you, or will you have to figure out what your fame level is yourself? How would we know apart from the obvious?

  3. How will the cool-down on losing spirit prevent people from when getting incapacitated by a beast, after going through their spirit walk attack the beast again and again until it's defeated without losing additional spirit loss? Would this cause heroism too easily?


1/10/2016 6:43:55 PM #2

Q1. Can you explain more how you see families developing? Do you expect players to take over their chracter's heirs or for them to use their heirs to expand their family with other players.

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1/10/2016 6:45:02 PM #3

Q1. Natural disasters: there's always areas (such as in our world, Western Europe) that aren't really affected by natural disasters that much. Did you take that into account when designing the biomes? If not, why not?

Q2. Has there been made development on the crafting minigames that you'd like to share?

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1/10/2016 6:50:27 PM #4

1: Will all plants be able to be grown anywhere? Example: Could big trees and crops be grown in the desert without irrigation?

2: Will it be reasonably possible for a single person to build a permanent shelter all by themselves? Stories of bushman doing this are very real, could we see it in CoE?

3: Are the astral plane(where we go to spirit walk) and the physical planes identical to each other? If not, will we have any insight into where we are when we are about to respawn after a spirit walk?

1/10/2016 6:52:15 PM #5
  1. Will parents be able to pass on diseases off to their child?

  2. Will there be diseases that players can create?

  3. Will there be creatures that we haven't seen before? (original creatures, purposely made for CoE)

1/10/2016 6:55:07 PM #6

Q1: Will gossip be a social fighting mechanic? aka. would gossip be able to take down rulers, or influence the downfall or rise of others etc.

Q2: Will there be negative effects to a king not choosing to take a queen, and instead uses a surrogacy to procreate an heir, and repeats this through his dynasty.

Q3: If two rulers decide to make a political marriage would killing off the wife or children, who are controlled by the other family, have any negative value to the person (husband).

1/10/2016 6:56:45 PM #7
  1. what importance does food have in COE, does it give you a healing buff for a couple seconds like in other games or does it stop you from getting a debuff like fatigue.

  2. What type of animals would we maybe see in COE and maybe some foes aswell

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1/10/2016 6:57:10 PM #8

It looks like CoE is going to be an intensive game. What kind of activities / characters can you see a more casual player having fun with?

1/10/2016 7:01:46 PM #9

First question, how dynamic is the zoology and botenty of the world. For example the you've mentioned that Rocs are man-eaters, how else will they affect the world in a biological sense?

Second question, how much will we be able to interact with humonoids, so you have a golbin village around causing trouble, but instead you make friends with them and even have some intergrate into the locale town. If there is any other humonoids.

P.S. Don't reveal very importent information like the failed magic secret, you can do it Mr.Walsh we have faith in you and your team! God bless you all!


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1/10/2016 7:05:16 PM #10

1. In the real world, there are a select few people who are particularly gifted in a certain skill. This is sorta where talents in Elyria come to play. But just like in the real world where people have talents there are also people who are not so gifted in some areas in life. Have you guys thought about implementing "weaknesses" that each soul has? I think it would be pretty cool for the sake of an individuals story.

2. You spoke about the possible existence of gods and supernatural beings before in Q&A's, I wondered if the game would have a "heaven" and/or a "hell"?

3. In the more recent design journals and Q&A's you spoke of research, and the advancement of technology. I know that in the first 10 years of the game, we won't really get too far in technology. But do you think technology in the late future will be so advanced that space travel will exist?

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1/10/2016 7:06:30 PM #11

If a player is framed for a crime, "arrested", and "imprisoned" all while they are offline (OPC), will they log in and see spirit loss from imprisonment, or will they be given time to clear their name (i.e. you get a week to prove innocence after logging in and finding out you're arrested)?

1/10/2016 7:09:51 PM #12

Q1: I wondering if we will have a figure of Justice as judges and how players can play this role.

Q2: Today we know how influence points more or less works, but could you explain a little more how this will work after launch?

1/10/2016 7:11:18 PM #13
  1. What kind of benefits will there be from being a part of a religion?

  2. Will there be ritual sacrifice's of people.. or animals..

  3. What kind of natural disasters can we expect in the game? Tornadoes.. earthquakes.. biblical plagues..

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1/10/2016 7:31:57 PM #14
  1. Do you see explorers being able to live exclusively off the land when out in the field or will Exploration always depend exclusively on the food you packed?

  2. In regards to tamed animals, will they be just as susceptible to fatigue and starvation as players? I don't want to leave my dogs at home unattended just to come back and find they have starved to death.

  3. Finally what do kind of role do you see tamed animals filling aside from property guards, will mugsy be useful out in the wilds exploring?

1/10/2016 7:54:29 PM #15

1. There's been discussion on combat styles here in the forums. ex. "Muay Thai vs traditional Boxing" as a real life example. Any word on combat styles in elyria? Maybe the player can simply develop his/her own style with the freedom already given?

2. what do you predict the currency/economy to be like at the early/mid/late stages of the game?

3. How much coffee have the soulbound studios crew consumed thus far?