[NA-W] Aramore Keep, Halvmane, Sanctiphandri, Ashland


Primary Focus: Military Defense and Training, Strategic Deployments, Crafting to support Military Complex

Secondary Focus: Exploration, Resource Extraction and Customs, Role-Play Friendly Environments

Intending to become a large scale stronghold bringing all styles of gameplay together, The Barony of Aramore plans to fill its walls with goal-focused individuals wanting to bring about the safety of the citizens within the borders of the Duchy of Sanctaphandri. The fully pledged, Lord Talakrin of House Kerr, the sworn vassal of Grand Duke Abrosius I Seleucrei, resides over Aramore and is sworn to her protection and of the citizenry of the county of TBD; ruled by the TBD.

As a military minded stronghold, combat style personalities should find a plethora of tasks and goals to advance. Aramore's own marshal, Sir Edward Murphy heads up the military arm of Aramore's elder council and will have the esteemed honor of gathering, training, and deploying military personnel for the needs of the Grand Duke. Crafters should find more than enough work within the boundaries of Aramore, as county and duchy defense will bring a never ending need for finely crafted goods needed on the battlefields of Elyria. Adventurers of all types should find work easy to come by, as overt and covert operations will be delivered to players via contract by the Kingdom's needs. Expect stronghold frontier life to be difficult, but rewarding. We hope to see you on the lines!

Welcome to Aramore!

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Hey hey! Congrats on the post Talakrin :)

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Thank you, m'lord Duke! It was about time I put it up.

Your sword, Talakrin

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Hope everyone's' day goes well! It's Friday!

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Added an edit for our listing on Elyrian.Directory!

Remember, just because we are a ducal military stronghold... doesn't mean we don't need some more underhanded elements for espionage and sabotage. People of the shadow community will have a member of the elder council they will report to. Think, Feudal CIA. Want or need funding for a legal shadow activity squad?

Please feel free to join our discord to discuss how you can help!

For Ashland!

--- Lord Talakrin

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Still here seeking more frontier Barony type citizens. Feel free to reach out. Looking for main/master positions in town. First people looking to settle in town can expect an easier start than people looking to take over your market. (i.e.) lower taxes to encourage starting businesses and bring commerce to town.

Examples being armorsmiths, alchemists, and not limited to the many other things needed in the town.

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I look forward to working with our community in Aramore! Excited as can be.

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Can't wait for the action to begin. Glad to be part of an active Barony.

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Thanks, Zopeau! Nice to see a few of the citizens of Aramore coming to the CoE forums, lol.

Everyone so busy with Rocket League and Factorio lately... heh.

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Please Move to NA-W - Angelica - Ashland

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Thanks for the move.

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Nice post man! Looking so forward to the adventures that we will all have in this game!