[EU] School of the Sword Art Myrmidonia

Myrmidon School of Weapon and Combat

(PvP, Combat and Weapon Skill Training)


International, though we are a School of german and english Folks.

We reside in the Empire of Demalion in the Duchy Lyon in the County of Thrax in its Capitol Myrmidonia.

Elyrian Directory / Deutsche Version

This is the combat, weapon and pvp School of the Myrmidon Order, where the Skills of the Myrmidon is learned through the teachings of our myrmidon Teachers, the Masters of the weapon and combat Skills. The studiement of the three Ways of the Myrmidon Way. The Way of the Knight, the Way of the Weapon and the Way of the Kill. Where every myrmidon Recruit will study their Way.

The official PvP combat and weapon School of the Myrmidon Order.

Tier System

The School will held three Classes for each Way of the Myrmidon. In which our Teachers will teach and our Disciples will learn.

The three Classes will be ranked by a hierarchical tier System.

In which the first Class the Way of the Knight is the Tier 1 and from there you will continue to the second Class the Way of the Weapon the Tier 2 and when both finished you will have a pass from the Teachers for the last Class the Way of the Kill the Tier 3.

When starting you will be considered a Recruit and Disciple. When reaching Tier 1, you will be seen as a myrmidon Squire. When reaching Tier 2, you will be known as a myrmidon Militia. When reaching Tier 3, you have become a myrmidon Warrior.

Myrmidon Teachers

(Unique Role within thy Myrmidon Order, are chosen according to their Skill in the Order)

One who has mastered the Skills of the Weapon and the Combat completely, one who is honored by all for his kind, one who is ready and willing to give up his ego to fulfill his Duty by teaching thy weapon/combat Art to those who he takes up as his potential Disciples.

By going the Way of the Teacher, you will have the Privilege of a great Housing in the City Myrmidonia and you will gain good paiement by teaching the students the Myrmidon Way.

Of course there are also special cases where you can choose one disciple, who you completely trust, teaching him everything you know, so that if you want, you will have a Successor of your Skills.

The Payment can be adjusted to your needs, since you will directly earn money from the Taxes which we will gain from the County.

Myrmidon Teachers:

Founder and Grand Master Myrmex Namykos


The teaching Schedules will be listed here, once the School has been build.

Any Citizen of Thrax has the right to learn the Way of the Weapon, to be able to protect himself in any live or die Situation. Any Lyon or trusted foreign Visitor is welcome to visit, if accepted by Duke Rojax and are able to identify himself.

No trespassing allowed!

The Teaching: The Way of the Myrmidon

The myrmidon Teachers will be addressed under my Name, they are to be respected and be followed, since they mastered the Art of the Weapon and Combat and left their Ego of the Warrior Life behind to fully reach the state of mind to commit themself to the teachings of the Myrmidon Way in our Order.

The Way of the Knight, the Way of the Weapon & the Way of the Kill

As a myrmidon Brother you will learn and study these three Ways in the weapon and combat art School Sword Art Myrmidonia:

We are no brute Barbarians, we are a civilised Folk who look for more than just on flesh bodies, we look at what disappears in one glimpse of the eye but appears when we dream, fulfillment by seeking and practicing your Way of Life. That's why we created the three Ways within thy Order.

The Way of the Knight, should never be neglected, it can be forgotten, if not seeked out from within, why do you handle the Sword? What is it that your Soul wants to represent? The Wrathful Guardian Achilleus we so much pray, because without we are just weak. We are no brute Warriors, behind those masks of War we are Philosophers and Fathers and ask ourselves so many Questions, left to be unanswered until our Time of Death. We pray everyday in the Temple of Achilleus to our Guardian the Vice of Wrath Achilleus to be blessed by his Spirit with a strong Buff and to be able to follow his Ideal of a Warrior life. We have Dignity, Pleasure and Honor, because what we seek is not what this Life can give us, it is thy afterlife we prepare for in this life so that we will finally know, where every attribute finds its place, where our Children may grow in peace as our Kingdom's structure stays. So that we may protect Life and its next generation which is yet to come.

The Way of the Weapon should be practiced by anyone, a defensive state when danger rises, our survival Nature, an art to handle and to master, everyday train of your Weapon Art Skills to one day achieve Mastering and Enlightenment. As such the highest Spiritual Form a Weapon Master can achieve is the Title of the Weapon Art Teacher, by teaching thy Art of the Weapon to disciples and younger folk, training the new Generation of Myrmidons.

The Way of the Kill, what is it that makes you furious? What awakens your Rage? Is it the loss of Souls, the start of Vengeance, destroying one so that another can pass on peacefully, there's no reason to think when you meet the Eye of the Death, there's only you and me fighting like Beasts for our own Survival, where Dignity and Honor has no place but only our Swords meet flesh.

If you want to know more about the Way of the Myrmidon and what its Philosophy contains, then click on the Paragraph below.

The Myrmidon Way of Life

5/7/2017 2:34:16 AM #1

Wow, an amazing school to teach and learn one the most noble fighting art, swordmanship! Looking forward seeing that in game ; )

5/7/2017 11:29:55 PM #2

Thank you my friend :) . A academic Swordsmanship School for everyone to enter and to learn. Let our Enemies feel the Wrath of our Swords.

6/4/2017 3:57:15 PM #3

We are still looking for capable Scholars willing to learn thy Way of the Sword, we are willing to take you up as Disciples of the Way and will teach you thy.

-Myrmex Namykos

12/10/2017 8:25:40 PM #4


Check out our current situation in our County to know more.

County of Murmex

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