[EU] School of the Sword Art Myrmidonia

Mýrmiðon Warrior School

(PvP, Warfare, Combat and Weapon Skill)

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This is the combat, weapon and pvp School of the Mýrmiðon Order, in the Realm of Thraxir located in its capitol Mýrthrax. Where the Skills of the Mýrmiðr, member of the order, is learned through the teachings of the Mýrmillons, the Warmasters of the weapon and combat Skills. They teach the three Ways of the Mýrmiðon, the Way of the Crusader, the Spartan and of the Viking. Every member of the Order will learn the skills to accomplish legendary things in wars and battles and Sagas will be told about those who have marked in history for a long time.

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The official PvP warrior combat and weapon School and training ground of the Mýrmiðon Order.

Tier System

You'll find the Focus and Teaching Schedule of each Class in our community server.

The School will held three Classes for each Way of the Mýrmiðon. In which our Teachers, the Mýrmillon will teach and our Disciples will learn. The three Classes will be ranked by a hierarchical tier System.

In which the first Class the Way of the Crusader is the Tier 1 and from there you will continue to the second Class the Way of the Spartan the Tier 2 and when both finished you will have a pass from the Teachers for the last Class the Way of the Viking the Tier 3.

When starting you will be considered a Initiate. When reaching Tier 1, you will be seen as a Mýrdisciple, a rookie. When reaching Tier 2, you will be known as a Mýrsquire, a apprentice. When reaching Tier 3, you have become a Mýrwiga, a garrison.

The Mýrmillon

Unique Role within thy Mýrmiðon Order, are chosen according to their Skill in the Order

The Mýrmillon, the Mýrmiðon Teacher, a Warmaster who will be addressed under my Name, he is to be respected and followed, limited rank of honor, he who mastered the Weapon and Combat Skills. By going the Way of the Teacher, you will have the Privilege of a great Housing in the Seaside Capital of Mýrthrax and you will gain good paiement of the Order. Of course there are also special cases where you can choose one disciple, who you completely trust, teaching him everything you know, so that if you want, you will have a Successor of your Skills. The Payment can be adjusted to your needs, since you will directly earn money from the Taxes which we will gain from the Realm.

Current Mýrmillons:

Founder Rekaz Mýrmiðeuz Myrmex Thraxvágr of Mýrthrax

Harjanaz Mýrmiðoz Krixos Menolas of Amalgeris

Harjanaz Mýrmiðoz Chidar Crusader of Chimera

The teaching Schedules will be listed here and in our community server, once the School has been build.

All Freeman of Thraxir have the right to learn the Way of the Warrior of the Mýrmiðon Order, for Combat and Weapon Skills.

The Teaching: The Way of the Mýrmiðon

The Way of the Crusader, the Way of the Spartan and the Way of the Viking

As a Mýrmiðon Disciple and Member you will learn and study these three following Ways in the weapon and combat Mýrmiðon Warrior School, by the Mýrmillons:

We are no brute Barbarians, we are a civilised warriors and brigands who look for more than just on flesh bodies, we look at what disappears in one glimpse of the eye but appears when we dream, fulfillment by seeking and practicing your way of life. That's why we created the three Ways within thy Order, to structure our ways of life and guide our warriors to elite.

The Way of the Crusader should never be neglected, it can be forgotten, if not seeked out from within, why do you handle the weapon? What is it that your Soul wants to represent? The god of war Tiwaz, the guardians of wrath Achilleuz and of hunt Lykurgos we so much pray to, because without we are just weak. We are no brute Warriors, behind those masks of War we are Philosophers and Fathers and ask ourselves so many Questions unanswered before our time of Death. We pray everyday in the shrines of Tiwaz, Achilleuz and Lykurgos, to be blessed by their spirit with a strong buff and to follow the true ideal of a Warrior. We have dignity, pleasure and honor, because what we seek is not what this life can give us, it is thy afterlife we prepare for in this life so that our spirit becomes true. Where every attribute finds its place, where our Children may grow in peace as our Realm's structure stays. So that we may protect our brothers and sisters life, so that we hold the realm of Thraxir, its children and citizens, so that we may secure, aid, help and die for our people of the northern lands and its next generations.

The Way of the Spartan should be practiced by anyone, a defensive and offensive state when danger rises. Training of our survival Nature, a way to handle and to master everyday, to train your weapon and combat Skills to one day achieve Mastering. The highest spiritual Form of a Master of weapon and combat skills can achieve is the Title of the Mýrmillon. A Warmaster, a Master warrior of the mightiest of combat and weapon skills. He teaches the way of the Spartan and to disciples and inexperienced of the Order, and to those who are yet to come. Believe in yourself and in your skills so that you may survive large-scale battles and prove your mettle, for honor, glory and for our people.

The Way of the Viking is the way of rage and control of chaos and how you can use your furious state to make you stronger. Ask yourself this. What makes you rage? Is it the loss of your close souls, vengeance, killing one so that other can pass on peacefully? There's no reason to think when you meet the eye of Death, there's only you and me fighting like Beasts for our own survival, where dignity and honor has no place but only our Blades meet flesh. Fight for your brothers and sisters, fight for your dynasty, for your land and dynasty, we aid, we help, we die.


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5/7/2017 2:34:16 AM #1

Wow, an amazing school to teach and learn one the most noble fighting art, swordmanship! Looking forward seeing that in game ; )

5/7/2017 11:29:55 PM #2

Thank you my friend :) . A academic Swordsmanship School for everyone to enter and to learn. Let our Enemies feel the Wrath of our Swords.

6/4/2017 3:57:15 PM #3

We are still looking for capable Scholars willing to learn thy Way of the Sword, we are willing to take you up as Disciples of the Way and will teach you thy.

-Myrmex Namykos

12/10/2017 8:25:40 PM #4


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