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Native Tribe: “Brudvir”

Name: ”Myrmidonia”

Folk: “Germanic, Nordic and English”

Mayor: ”Myrmex Namykos”

County: “Thrax (Count Myrmex Namykos)”

Duchy: ”Lyon (Duke Rojax Lyonsbane)”

Kingdom: ”The Demalion Empire”

Number of residents (current): “40” ; Number of Settlements: “2”

Important looking Letter dropped by Myrmex:

With Time, comes Changes and with Changes comes a lot of Editing and Writing !

Coat of Arm

Gold means that our settlement will have alot of prosperity possibilities and that we focus more on a quality life than on a quantity one. For sanitary reasons, anti-plague precautions and our Skills in general. The golden Helmet symbolizes the seat of Marquis Myrmex Namykos and the lefthanded golden Zweihander, the baronic characteristics of Myrmidonia and its military focus in defensive nature and protection. Metal symbolizes our Interest in the nature of smithing and architecture.


The Capitol and Heart of the County of Thrax, the governmental Seat of its Count, also ranked as Marquis in the Duchy of Lyon, Myrmex Namykos. Stunning Structures, such as Shrines and Buildings, will be found here. Giving Life to any Group or Community. It inhabits the Headquarters of the Myrmidon Order, a Base of Naval Engineer Guild “the Bruéskipsmiðr”, a Guildhall of the Blacksmith Guild “the Rusty Hammer” and of the Alchemy Guild “Arcanum Emporium”. Thus we will build Walls big enough to defend its entire Citizens for any possible Invasion and to give Shelter and Warmth when danger rises. While living a free life of Progression, Economy or Knighthood, our Settlement focuses on Agriculture, Sanitary and Technology Development in Progressions like smithing, architecture and on a military School, where everyone is invited to learn from or share, legendary Skills, with our Myrmidon Brothers.

We have chosen to truly fit our new domain in the Taiga, the Brudvir and our old norse Lore and Setting. Thus to be prepared for the Domain & Settlement Selection we have changed our Settlement Recruitment post to share exactly that with our new fireseeking Brothers and Sisters to the Wolves, of the North, the Brudvir.

The Name of our Settlement will be called Myrmidonia. Sons and Daughters of the God of War Tyr.

Capitol of the County of Thrax

Capitol Myrmidonia

ᚲᚨᛈᛁᛏᛟᛚ ᛗᚤᚱᛗᛁᛞᛟᚾᛁᚨ

We stand by,

“One for all and all for one."

“Einr fyrir alla og allir fyrir einn.”

"ᛇᚾᚾ ᚠᛃᚱᛁᚱ ᚨᛚᛚᚨ ᛟᚷ ᚨᛚᛚᛁᚱ ᚠᛃᚱᛁᚱ ᛇᚾᚾ.”

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6/4/2017 3:44:45 PM #1

We are still looking for Citizens, Traders, Blacksmiths, Architects, etc.. to join thy City Myrmidonia or Warriors of all kind to join thy Myrmidons.

-Myrmex Namykos

12/10/2017 8:23:19 PM #2


We are moving on from the Kingdom of Arkadia and settled down in the Duchy of Lyon.

Check out our current situation in our County to know more.

County of Murmex

9/16/2018 4:47:40 PM #3
New Update on the Post. Added the Lore of Myrmidonia.
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