Duchy recruitment

Duchy Name: Ira Invida Kingdom: Riftwood Server: NA:E Contact: @Caynin Winterborne

About the Duchy: Ira Invida is a new Duchy in the kingdom of Riftwood. The Duchy will focus on bolstering a strong defense and technological gain. We are currently looking for all types of people including but not limited to Craftsmen, Farmers, Hunters, Cartographers, Breeders, Soldiers, and any other profession you can imagine. Being a new Duchy we are also accepting Counts, Mayors/Barons, and Citizens alike. Looking for a Duchy to run a guild out of or even a place to make a home? We may be just what you're looking for. Come join Ira Invida today and let us create a home together. Link to our Discord: Link to our Kingdom Discord:

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