[Apac] The Nameless Guild

The Nameless Guild

We are the nameless, and WE NEED YOU. We will help the weak and kill the bad. we will help any king that enforce laws and protects it citizens with fair justice

We are happy to recruit anyone that is willing orders of guild leaders and fight for what this guild stands for, even if that means killing a King or Queen that is unjust to their citizens

we play on the Oceania Server and like to have fun as well of protecting others

This Guild is willing to help out on any jobs no matter of the size of the job

Being nameless refers back to the guild not the members of the guild

Vacant Jobs

Head of Armed Forces – Vacant

The head of Armed Forces is in charge of keeping track of all the combat units of the guild and if need to gather them to location. They are also need to make sure that the training of the any of the Armed Forces is enforced and that Units are trained to the best of His/hers abilities

Head of Crafting – Vacant

The head of Crafting is in charge of all the members that are crafting inside and outside the guild. They need to be able to keep track of all the crafting member's actions and if they are selling the goods inside the guild or outside to everyone in the world

Head of Medical – Vacant

The head of Medical is in charge of all medical members and help them if needed. this may be helping treating or getting more stock.

Guild Leaders – Spots open for New Leaders

We are looking for Guild Leaders. You don't have to be active, just able to organize members and look after fellow members, giving help when needed.

Guild Members

Just looking for a guild, new friends or have fun, this could be for you. We are always looking for new Members

Special Forces

This is for the players who want to Spy, Gather Information or do complete assassination missions. If this is your type of game play then Special Forces are for you

We are looking for Promising Members to Fill these spots in the guild and help the guild grow into something that is bigger. But to fill the spots as the Head of each Branch you will need to be an active player as you will be in charge of this part of the guild. There are also spots for Guild Leaders and normal Members for the less active or members who don’t want the responsibility of a branch and other Members.

What do we do

The Nameless Guild Does jobs as requested, the jobs can ranged anything from Farming to Body Guard work. Anyone can request jobs as long as it isn't Against the Guild's Morals.

Guild Morals and what we stand for

We help the Weak and support them till they get strong. This means -

-We protect Civilians and Personal that can't protect themselves

When ever a civilian or a town is in trouble we will go help if possible

-We don't Harm Civilians

We will not attack Civilians unless in self defense

-If civilian do attack us, We try our utmost not to kill them

We won't kill civilian unless we exhausted all other options of resolving the situation.

Feel free to join the discord server and ask questions

The Nameless Guild Discord

Kingdom of Lor Voskara



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Great post guys, I hope to see you achieve all of your goals in game.

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We are definitely in need of this. Good luck to The Nameless Guild and Lor Voskara. A guild worthy of note.

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