The Order of The White Stag (NA-W)

The Order

* "Deep in the forest of Ostengrad lies the order controlled city of Gelvira. Here where the deer roam freely and people scarce dare to tread, reside the Knights of the White Stag. Surrounded by superstition and mystery, these men and women draped in black and white are spoken of in hushed whispers and used to keep children in line. Who are the knights that make up this order though? What is their goal? What drives them? This is what i hope to cover in the following manuscript..." * -Unknown Scribe of Ostengrad

Who we are.

The Order of the White stag is a religious order of Knights that follow the teachings of Qin and seek to discover their mysteries and artifacts. Our primary goal is to travel and seek out old relics and safeguard them within our fortess from those that would use its power for ill purposes. We focus on providing a "noble knight" type rp experience for our members while also partaking in the PVE aspect of the game as well. While PVP wont be mandatory it may be unavoidable in certain situations.

Positions and Ranks

Grandmaster- The grandmaster is the primary head of the order and gives direction to the different chapters spread out through Elyria.

Chapter Master- The Chapter Master manages the individual chapters and delegates tasks to the knight Captains under his or her command.

High Chaplain- The high Chaplain is in charge of the Stag Chaplains and holds a seat on the high council in order to speak for his underlings.

Knight Captains- Knight captains are the pinnacle of what it means to be a Knight of the White Stag. Although they act as advisers to the Chapter Master, these men and women go with their knights to hunt the ancient relics of the Qin and unlock Elyria's secrets.

Knight Sergeant- Knight Sergeants are heads of a small five to ten man squad.

Ranger- After earning their knighthood and becoming full fledged members of the order, certain individuals may be selected to become a ranger. These individuals usually take up tasks for the order which can include, scouting, gathering, mapping and other duties that require stealth and long treks outside of order territory.

Knight of the White Stag- These are men and women that have passed the trails and are privileged enough to wear the cloak of the order. Their dedication and spiritual stability stands as a testament to the Order's strength.

Squire- This is the entry level for those wishing to become full pledged knights of the order. Squires primary duties are training, following the orders of the knight they are assigned to, and continuing to strengthen their spirituality with the gods. After completing the trial, they will receive their knight-ship and be granted a personal room within the order's halls and be assigned to a chapter.

Stag Chaplain- Stag Chaplains are the religious icons of the order. Steadfast and strong, these members are dedicated to keeping the order's spiritual sanctity and beliefs in check and in keeping with the Stagarium Codex.

Hand of the Order- These are the individuals that wish to farm, castle maintenance, trade, transport, and any of the regular duties you would find in a castle setting.

What we offer.

The order offers a close community in which one can hope to gain immense knowledge of Elyria's lore. We also plan on having a decent sized fortress for all of our members to grow and have a safe place to rp and store their stuff. Each member will have his own room and each knight will be given a set of armor to distinguish him or her as a Knight of the White Stag. We are also offering the chance to travel Elyria and explore the old ruins and dungeons and all that it may hold in an rp friendly environment.


Gelvira is the primary settlement and home of the Order. The Knights of the White Stag help oversee operations within the town but most duties fall to the militia. To live in Gelvira one does not need to be a member of the order but must respect our sacred laws upon settling within our borders. We do have vacant spots and welcome guilds so if your interested please feel free to message me or hop in our discord!

The Trials and how to join

  1. If interested in joining please feel free to join our Discord and get into contact with one of our officers.

  2. Be respectful and Mature to other members as well any visitors we may have.

  3. Anyone that wishes to have one of the above positions are welcome to speak their interest but once we are able to walk the land of Elyria, squires will be required to complete the Trial. The trial will be given to the squire by the chapter master himself and will vary depending on the squire. During the Trial squires may find themselves required to survive in the unforgiving mountains for a period of time, travelling on a great pilgrimage, or doing another task that will help not only the order but the individual as well.

If interested in taking up arms as an elite knight please feel free to contact us!

5/12/2017 6:34:34 PM #1

wow this is a great guild looks awesome ill be joining tonight when i get home


5/12/2017 7:07:42 PM #2

We are honored to have the Order of the White Stag in the Grand County of Stenhus.

5/12/2017 8:17:25 PM #3

Sounds cool, especially the chaplains, bet they're sexy.

Wish you the best of luck.

5/13/2017 7:51:13 AM #4



5/13/2017 6:33:35 PM #5

The order's recruitment is still in full swing! Hop by the discord If interested in becoming a knight of the white stag

5/14/2017 5:49:30 AM #6

be sure the check out the rangers rank when you join


5/14/2017 6:28:00 PM #7

We also have vacancy within the noble city of Eryndale!

5/16/2017 3:55:58 AM #8

This order and its county are nothing but the best. Not only do you focus on setting up for the release of CoE but you make new friendship that can last through years. Defiantly recommend it for anyone out there trying to become part of a community.

5/19/2017 5:30:43 AM #9

It brings me great honor to be the Grandmaster of such an order of Knights. If you are interested in joining feel free to hop on our discord! Our City of Eryndale is still open for those that need a home but do not wish to be apart of the order itself! For more info please contact me!

5/22/2017 2:48:44 AM #10

The settlement of Eryndale has a discord now under construction plzz feel free to join the order until the discord is done


5/22/2017 3:01:40 AM #11

le bump

5/23/2017 4:21:06 PM #12

Enjoyed this post when I read it last time, this time I'll remember to comment.

7/22/2017 4:49:00 PM #13

The Order has grown quite large since we've posted last, while most of our recruitment comes from other games we are still looking to bring in new members from the CoE community! We are also accepting guild stores and outposts within our city of Eryndale, if you are your guild are interested please feel free to hop in our discord or contact me here!

8/21/2017 6:13:03 AM #14

The order's recruitment is still going strong!

8/30/2017 8:05:53 PM #15

Indeed! Welcome all new Order members!

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