[EU Demalion Empire] Demalion Culinary Academy

Nestled into the heart of the Demalion Empire rests the pastoral town of Markofstadt, home of house Markof and host of the Demalion Culinary Academy.

Under the tutelage of Count Niklas Markof, the county of Markovia focuses its energies towards high quality agricultural production, love for a good meal and respect for the products of markovian farms lead to the founding and support of the Demalion Culinary Academy by Count Markof.

Nunc age porra, quam coctione !

One step further than cooking, it is the moto of the academy, a place to train the best chefs of the empire and the continent. Our ambition is to turn our students into magicians of the table, to provide them a place, the ingredients and the tools to innovate, experiment and sharpen their skills.

If you’re tired of trail rations, sick of porridge or in search of culinary adventures, come to us, we have the cooking class for you, come join us in Markofstadt.

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Great post mate keep it up hope you all the best <3

My Best Wishes Duke Chevo

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Great post ^^

Demalion Empire

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