Panshaw Architect is one of the premier architecture guilds in Elyria. As a subsidiary of the Brotherhood of Architectonics and Structural Engineering (BASE). Panshaw Architect takes pride by taking time to fully understand every aspect of our clients needs. Ranging anywhere from residential homes, commercial buildings, military forts, and even the maritime. The architects at Panshaw strives to deliver nothing short of perfection.

Our Focus

Our architects has the primary focus of meeting the demands of our clients in any project they request. For which we're only happy if our client is happy.


Panshaw Architect will open operations within a Brudvir tribe in Polaris County, Grand Duchy of Erzhalden, Kingdom of Vornair.

Why hire us?

The Brotherhood of Architectonics and Structural Engineering (BASE) requires that all client projects be assigned to an architect with efficient experience relative to the project. Which means, all clients are guaranteed to receive their blueprint(s) exactly how they envisioned as well as giving their architect the ability to grow. In addition, all of our clients would receive superb and quality craftsmanship offered exclusively by the Brudvir.

The Process

Clients will first have to submit information regarding their project(s) via a Google form. Upon completion, the client will be contacted with their architect via forum, email, or discord to review their project(s) in detail to ensure perfection. The client will then be required to submit a non-refundable deposit minimum of 5% of the total project costs. The architect will then begin designing and will notify the client with their design draft. Further drafts will be made if the client wishes to make any revisions. Upon final completion. The architect will release the blueprint(s) upon successful payment.

Note: This information may change in accordance to game mechanics.

Visit us on our discord for more information!



For those who simply need a place to rest their weary eyes look no further. With the approximate size of 5x5m a shack is great if you're a frequent traveler or simply modest. With its small size, a shack gives you the benefits of building more per parcel, less expenses, less maintenance, and most importantly.. more savings!


With the approximate size of 8x8m. A cottage is a wonderful choice for those who simply prefer a little more space than a shack. In addition, it is also built with quality materials giving you the benefits of a nice warm winter.


It's time to start a family! ...or at least someday. With the approximate size of 12x12m, a house is a perfect starter home for anyone in Elyria. With the added benefit of some space above, you're able to utilize more for less!


Are you tired of commuting to work? Is your best friend too far? Why not bring them to you? With the approximate size of 12x16m a townhouse provides 2 floors with separate access. Making this not only an ideal choice for those wanting to live above their storefront or with their friend, but also provides landowners the most profit per parcel.


The beginning of luxury. Approximate size of 24x16m with 2 floors, a villa is a luxury class home made out of exclusive fine material. A villa is not only a home.. but a statement.


The most prestigious luxurious home on the market. With the approximate size of 28x24m and made with the highest quality materials, fine stonework, and optional multiple floors. You can have a room for everything!


Panshaw Architect also caters to defensible structures. Contact us to discuss further detail about your needs in order to receive an accurate quote.

Visit us on our discord for more information!


Time to traverse the seas! Ranging from simple boats to large vessels, Panshaw Architect can also design your new naval vessel which will leave every passing ship watching in awe as they see you traverse the high seas in fine quality craftsmanship.

Feel free to contact us via discord for more information!

Interested in becoming a Panshaw architect?

We are always looking for architects wishing to shape the Elyrian world with their creations. If you're interested in joining or want to learn more about us, let us know!

Benefits include:

Training: No experience necessary! Just bring the passion and we'll bring the training. All architects would receive quality training by our senior staff exclusively by The Brotherhood of Architectonics and Structural Engineering (BASE).
Income: We at Panshaw value the time and effort taken to design quality blueprints for our clients. Which is why Panshaw architects will receive competitive payment in addition to receiving bonuses for their great work.
Community: Work hard, Play harder. Join not only a guild, but a friendly community of like-minded people that likes to kick-it back and share some laughs along the way. Who said work can't be fun?
Job Security: No architect would ever have to worry about being jobless due to inactivity or long breaks!

Submit a private message here or message us via our Discord!

Want more information?

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Panshaw Architect is a proud subsidiary of B.A.S.E

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Update: Panshaw Architect has now been officially merged with the Brotherhood of Architectonics and Structural Engineering (BASE).

With this merge, Panshaw Architect will continue to use its name while affiliated with B.A.S.E. to ensure every clients needs are met!

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Panshaw is still looking for architects wanting to shape the world to their vision! Join our discord!

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Now offering a gazillion dollars to anyone who posts a comment!

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I like your presentation and I look forward to seeing your architects in action - Conestoga wagons!

A forested billabong, with nary a jumbuck

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