Brunel Shipwrights Company

The Brunel Shipwrights Company is dedicated to building the best and most advanced ships in the land. We strive to push the limits of shipwrights technologies, and bring the Kingdom of Bordweall to a golden age of maritime trade and exploration. BSC is headquartered in the City of Mann's Landing within the Bloodthorn Syndicate, a grouping of counties within the Duchy of Bloodoak. We will be working directly with King Dleatherus and his councils to help the kingdom, and provide for it’s naval needs. We already have a team working together towards this goal, but would like to invite anyone else with interests in shipwrights or seeing this goal achieved to join us. We are also always interested in trade agreements or relationships with other organizations and cities!

Almost any skill or profession will be useful to the construction of ships. We will know more about the key skills and professions that will primarily be needed through the Alpha and Beta test periods, but we expect to need a lot of lumberjacks, architects, and shipwrights to get the wood, design the ships, and build them. We will have a dedicated research team working to advance the technology, pushing the Kingdom of Bordweall to be the first to control the seas. But what about other skills and professions? How can they be useful to us? Well, blacksmiths will be needed to make fasteners, anchors, chains, etc. Tailors and Leatherworkers will be needed to make the sails, ropes, and clothes. Apothecaries and Herbalists will be needed to make medicines, methods of preserving food, and any binding pastes or waterproofing needed. Naval ships will require weapons, eventually leading to ballistas and cannons. We need cartographers and explorers to make maps of the rivers and seas for the kingdom. There is a lot that goes into the construction of ships beyond the literal construction of the ship. If you have an interest in a particular skill, and would like to contribute to the shipwrights industry, I’m sure we can find a use for you!

The Brunel Shipwrights Company is a proud member of the Shipwrights of Elyria Association

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Updated: 21 April, 2019

Good day to you shipmates! Thank you for taking the time to visit the Brunel Shipwrights Company forum thread. The original group celebrates their 36 month founding anniversary along side Soulbound studios' 36 month crowd funding celebration. To date, the group has gamed across several different platforms and has had a great deal of fun in the process.

We're looking for like-minded individuals who want to be part of our amazing team. We are fairly active in the Bloodoak and Kingdom of Bordweall community and continue to produce and plan for future community projects.

We like to think we bring a lot to the table and have a desire to execute our work at level just a little bit more involved than others. When selecting a Kingdom, the heads ran a gauntlet of interviews, politicking, and conversing before making a decision towards settling in with the Duchy of Bloodoak. Our decisions are calculated and not made haphazardly. We have sworn fealty to an unnamed Count or Countess but we have not released a name I said, we're calculated and you'll know after Domain and Settlement Selection. ;-)

Here is a copy of the contract we sealed with King Dletherus. Don't worry, the original is kept in the vaults of our King.

Please feel free to check out the company headquarters and township of Mann's Landing!

Community based projects we've completed thus far:

-Live stream interview with Philip Isambard and others on the YouTube Waxseal Channel.

-The Brunel Shipwrights Company Bulletin

-Soulbound Studios broadcast of the limited edition and highly exclusive Brunel Shipwrights Company non-mug

Here is a digital picture of the non-mugs made for SBS

-Kingdom of Bordweall game night organized by the renowned Robert Brunel

-Highlight in the Bordweall Chronicles #003. A little dash of humor in a gaming community can go a long way. Please take a good behind the scenes look at how we really tamed King D while we gamed in ARK. :-P

-A very amateur video recording, We Choose to Go Across the Ocean Official Announcement Speech by JFI (please see below)

We have much more planned for the community! We highly enjoy doing it and look forward to any who would like to join in on the entertainment. Never done anything like this before? No problem, neither have we.

A little bit more about us

The company is headed by three founding Kirkstarter gamers, Godfrey Ironside (Astronomer), Robert Brunel (Ursaphant Rider), and Philip Isambard (Ursaphant Rider) who live in various corners of NA. Collectively, we've backed the game at over $1k as a starting settlement and while money doesn't grow on trees. We feel that we've done all we can to support SBS and our fledgling community. It doesn't matter if you've thrown $25 or $200 or nothing at all at COE, and just want to be part of a community before taking the big monetary dive. We'd love to have you and game with you in other capacities until the gates of Elyria have opened to us.

We're going to be based out of NA-E! If you don't live on the east coast, no problem! Neither do some of our members. Just remember the most important part of gaming is community and family. All other elements of a great gaming experience fall into place after that and we welcome all like-minded folks into our family.

We choose to go across the Ocean Speech

Click the image above to watch the speech.

Note: I get less and less happy with this YouTube/FaceRig product as months go on, but hey, it was my first time!! lol :-)

Thank you all!

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The Brunel Shipwrights Company has been working with it's partners to develop a greater network of logistical and operational ventures. Please return to learn more about this endeavor and how you could be among those who attributed to nautical history in Elyria. For now, I leave you with the following...

Bloodthorn Syndicate

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