[NA-E][RiftWood] Duchy of Dresčuri

Royal Anktree of Dréshurí (including Dresuri)

Kingdom of Riftwood


Land of the Eternal Hunt

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The Duchy of Drescuri is a region focused on Technological Advancement, Crafting, Architecture and Defense. The Duchy is ruled by Stephan Balaur and Rei Finel. The ideal regions for this duchy is to be determined at land selection. The Capital of the Anktree and the Kingdom is Tonátlan.

The culture of the duchy is based on the Janoan culture, understandably CoE is light fantasy however since RP is fairly important to the community I am running, I wanted to make the culture match the biome so expect a fusion of Zandalari, Aztec, and Mandalorian cultures.

The duchy is NOT requiring RP or making anyone have to commit to certain naming conventions. We just are trying to make it as immersive as possible to those that want to do RP.

The Military is ruled by the Duke, however the Argon (General) Is largely in charge of its forces, these are known as the Dragonguard, the Duke's design experience (armor set) will be used as the military's general armor for soldiers, (Archers/mounted units may use something different)

The Council for the Duchy operates as an advisory council, while the ultimate decision lays on the duke and duchess, the council makes suggestions and gives ideas to the duke and duchess to allow them a chance to make the best decision. Members of the council are the following.

  • All Counts in the /duchy.
  • The Argon
  • All Ministers
  • The Duke and Duchess are the head of the council

Seal of the Duchy

The seal of the duchy is deeply symbolic, each star represents a county (at the start of COE the stars will be adjusted for the number of counties in the duchy) the two headed dragon symbolizes the Duke and Duchess, circling around the crescent moon and six point star. Which symbolizes the dedication to research and advancement. Which is the core idea of the duchy, to defend each other and to dedicate themselves to the advancement of their own land for the benefit of themselves and the people that reside there.


  1. Very structured community, lawful neutral alignment of the duchies leadership. Close knit community that is always welcoming another in to the fold. Quality is king over Quantity.
  2. We play various games together to foster stronger bonds between each other, we encourage people to go and make friendships with others in the CoE community as at the end of the day this is a game we will all be playing.

Flag of the Duchy

Counts pledged to the Duchy of Drescuri

  • Talar Draius Balaur
  • Talar Thrasonic Cassanova
  • Talar Lingk
  • Talar Montfort
  • Talar Marcellarius Nocens
  • Talar Supasilvaman
  • Talar Jaad Al'lsiil
  • Talar Daymo
  • Talar Lucian
  • Talar Mikhal
  • Talar Randehk
  • Talar Ninja Rhasir
  • Talar Lana'rune-Tyn
  • Talar Calenotkale

5/28/2017 10:56:28 PM #1

I agree with the decision not to commit to a culture, as that will be heavily dependent on our biome that we get. Even our names could change, in theory. However, it might be useful to give some details of the focus of the duchy. While it's true that anyone of any interest will find things to do here, it's nice to have something special to attract people, or give them something to look forward to if they share that interest.

5/29/2017 12:25:31 AM #2

I'm Mister Tuggles.

6/4/2017 5:41:53 AM #3

Ill add it in tomorrow

7/5/2017 4:45:01 PM #4

You can add Counts Daine and Cakewalk to the "Pledged to the Duchy" list.

Count of Infernal-Duchy of Drescuri-Kingdom of Riftwood

Leader of Infernal Gamers (

Friend Code- 9CF4E2

8/20/2018 4:33:39 AM #5

updated list after a while

8/14/2019 11:09:46 PM #6

Sounds like it might be a good fit for me and my husband. How do I sign up?


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