[OCEANUS] Ravenwood Keep, County of Goldenveil, Duchy of Kybourne, Kingdom of Aequitas



Ravenwood Keep is a semi-military outpost in the County of Goldenveil...

Primary interests for people basing themselves at Ravenwood Keep are: treasure hunting, exploring and scouting.

The Flashman's, who have lived there for centuries, aren't a massive dynasty, just run of the mill, working aristocrats, sleeves rolled up alongside Tylsia players who perhaps have similar ideas and goals or, equally, who want to bring something new to the settlement that doesn't clash with its outlook.

Family Crest

Motto: Loyal

The Azure (blue) and Argent (white) of the Flashman family is crossed with a Sable (black) belt of valour earned during a darker time in the family's history. Three fleur-de-lis sit atop the crest - a stylised form of the lily, known as the "flower of light" and the family's floral emblem. For colour references, Azure: Steadfastness, truth & loyalty; Argent: Wisdom, sincerity, peace & joy; Sable: Grief, resistance.


The aristocratic Flashman's have existed for centuries as a curious mix of scholars and scouts, all with a firm interest in the history of Elyria. Each generation has seen the more book-ish types stay at home to learn and teach, while the more adventurous types have taken to the trails of Tylsia, and beyond, to seek out treasure and lore items, and fight the occasional monster along the way.

The current Baron Flashman, Alexander, is an even more curious personality in an already odd family. Good with a sword and quick on his feet, he loves nothing more than to get out in the open air and have an adventure. However, he also understands the value of knowledge and is both a scholar and teacher in his own right. This knowledge has come in handy on many adventures to date, and no doubt will continue to assist in the future.

Role and Positions

The Flashman's would be broadly described as neutral, tending towards good in alignment.

Game mechanics pending, there may be some opportunities for those interested in being a Flashman to take on a family role (primarily in bardic, survival and combat areas which are its main areas of focus).

So long as there's an interest in Elyria and its history, anything from stay at home scholarly types to full-on treasure hunters are welcome to bear the name and work alongside Alexander to continue the family story and concept.

Outside of that, Ravenwood Keep will be a place where other family groups can exercise skills from combat, survival, crafting, gathering, deviant and bardic pursuits.

This means characters who may be working alongside the Flashman family in scholarly and treasure hunting pursuits without actually being a member of the family itself, but can also include characters doing completely different things with their time while they live in harmony alongside, and nearby, the Flashman's.

The settlement is not expected to be overly large at first, reflective of a member of the aristocracy who spends a lot of time on the road, however, if demand sees the settlement grow through the stages of Hamlet > Village > Town and so on, that's fine.

In short, you can bring almost any skill to House Flashman and, so long as you feel it makes sense to be living with neutral characters (who tend towards good), in a smaller settlement, you will find this a comfortable fit.

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Welcome Flashman have you decided to join APAC then?

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Is this information still accurate? I found Ravenwood by looking into the NA/E Rhynelands of Vornair.. Or is that Ravenwood an extension of this one?

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Hello! I'm going to have to re-evaluate all of the above as I wrote this years ago, and even before I gave up being a mod and took my big break from the game, I believe we had moved from Aequitas to Tylsia. And who knows who's around these days. Stay tuned.

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