Network of Spies, Assassins and Bandits.

Wandering Warriors learning the arts of combat. If you are wondering why there aren't many comments that is because the DISCORD provided is for Recruitment Only. Once accepted then the actual Discord will be given. Members are not to comment on this post nor discuss anything with the community. So if comments are made they are not from our members. All names are kept in secret. All plans secret. We will arrive in CoE a secret and corrupt the lands from the inside. Only a true KING will lead us, fake KING's or greed will bring our wrath.

We are not here for the community, we are not persuaded by ones that think they are powerful due to their pledge level. We don't care what your pledge level is, or what the community think of us. Our plans are ours not the communities. We will not adjust our ways to please the ones who shout words of power. The louder you shout your threats the weaker you become.

We are Assassins, and if you get our attention we will come looking. What we do when we find you is up to how you act towards others.

If you are a low pledged player we want you, we seek this type of player as they are not ones to seek power with their wallet they choose to seek power with their skill. All players are welcome all roles accepted if you are truly here to be one of us.

If you choose to enter our Discord as a spy, then you will be writing a death sentence for your group.

True their are other groups out their that claim to be like us, but all they are, are a sculpture of what their KING wants them to be, shaped by the community to play nice.

Screw that, we do things our way, we do not bend a knee.

Join us on Discord and lets see if you are truly one of us

7/7/2017 2:50:20 AM #1


7/7/2017 4:13:00 AM #2

Even though you weren't a good fit for our community, wish you all the best.

Friend code: B29DD8

5/20/2018 4:35:00 AM #3

We have tried to work with you Omicronus and we were subjected to your rules that only showed us your Kingdom wishes to CONTROL their citizens. You speak of riches and great armies but we only saw rules and requirements. You had no military strategy and had no idea how form a strategy to safe guard your Kingdom. You may speak of the "Safety of the Kingdom" but you can not offer this safety instead you cover it with diplomatic speeches of grandeur where in essence it is nothing but words.

5/22/2018 9:26:12 AM #4

What happens when i spy on the spy? ;)

7/18/2018 9:29:40 AM #5

We welcome spies, if this is truly your calling then we welcome all spies to join us. If you are there to spy on us and not join us this is also welcomed, it is the essence of who we are and it is expected.

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