[Eu] Blacksmith guild of Myrmidonia

Blacksmith guild "Rusty Hammer".

A Home for any English Blacksmith in Lyon can be found here.


We can be found in the the Duchy of Lyon in the County of Murmex in the Capital City Myrmidonia.

The official Blacksmith Guild of the County of Murmex focusing in the Art of Steel. Our moto is "By hammer and hand do stand all arts ." We are small guild who focuses on learning and mastering techniques of the art of blacksmith.

Where every Blacksmith in the County of Murmex will progress their Craft.

So all who love blacksmithing join and lets bring glory to our fair city.

Join us on our Discord.

7/9/2017 9:32:54 AM #1

I cannot wait to give you some job to do in game :-)

7/9/2017 12:15:12 PM #2

Welcome to the City Myrmidonia Roland Greyman/Valimai, leader of the Blacksmith Guild.

Great to have you here my friend :)

9/13/2017 1:21:45 AM #3


11/15/2017 9:50:08 AM #4


2/28/2018 1:37:41 PM #5

nice to see we are coming closer :)

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