[APAC] The County of Blackmeadows

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The County of Blackmeadows

Welcome wanderer, to The County of Blackmeadows, you have travelled far to find us no doubt. Come, rest yourself and your steed here. A long journey always produces a fine tale, perhaps you could find a place to tell it here at our Inn. While you're there, why not have a meal and a pint, then when the time comes for you to doze off, make yourself comfortable in a warm bed.


The County of Blackmeadows lies within The Kingdom of Caprakan and is ruled by Count Roderic Cain from his Capital of Euphyrria.

The town acts according to it's name: Euphyrria, which is loosely translated from Eu, meaning Good, and Phyrric, which means The Dance with Death. The council of Euphyrria acts so that each citizen has a good, and bountiful struggle with the Reaper as he wraps on the door.

The Council

Count Aeric Cain always believed that for a land to be governed justly, there could never be a time where one man would hold absolute power over all, it was because of this belief he formed The Council of Five. The Council is run as a meritocracy, so that those who are best suited for the job shall have it, no matter your social status. The current seats on the council are:

The Shield of Blackmeadows - In charge of maintenance and training of Blackmeadows’ defense force. The current shield is Apollyon Kyrios, Master of Ironash and Commander of The Blinded Battalion.

The Sheriff of Blackmeadows - A prominent figure from the county who is put in charge of taxation and punishment of the citizenry. A new Sheriff is decided every five years on a vote held by council members to ensure no one can abuse the role. The office is currently vacant.

High Justiciar of Blackmeadows - As lord of laws, the High Justiciar is second only to the Count and acts as judge for the court of Blackmeadows. As it has always been a philosophy of House Cain that the man that gives the sentence must also give the punishment, the office is often known as “The Axe.” The office is currently vacant.

First Steward - Charged with building the county’s economy, the job falls to the First Steward to watch over all of Blackmeadows’ imports and exports, ensuring nothing gets through. The First Steward is appointed every five years from a group of prominent customs officers, on a vote held by the other council members. The office is currently vacant.

Master of Science - Charged with ensuring Blackmeadows is always one step ahead, the Master of Science works tirelessly in their laboratory in the Caprakan University, sending their knowledge back to Euphyrria. The office is currently vacant,


The County is home to several organisations including:

The Adherents of the Blinding Hands,

  • A religious organisation that devote their lives to Luna, who they see as the first of the Qindred, and therefore the rightful ruler of all of Elyria.
  • The Adherents can be found in Ironash or Euphyrria, under the watchful eyes of Apollyon Kyrios, a loyal servant to both the crown, and the faith.

The Blinded Battalion,

  • The Battalion are the militarised wing of The Adherents of the Blinding Hands, selected at birth, they devote their lives to spreading Luna’s shroud to all of those who oppose them.
  • The Battalion forms the backbone of the standing army of Blackmeadows, housed within the fortress Ironash, They are found:

At times of Peace:

  • Acting as town guards,
  • Collecting taxes,
  • Maintaining public order,
  • Devoting their lives to Luna.

At times of War:

  • Fighting on the frontlines with the Kingdom's army,
  • Pillaging enemy supply lines,
  • Defending encampments and manning walls,
  • Punishing those heretics who refuse to accept Luna’s shroud.


County of Blackmeadows Discord

7/17/2017 10:10:26 AM #1

Excellent post Roderic! Looking forward to see the County of Blackmeadows prosper!

Friend code: B29DD8

7/18/2017 4:51:16 AM #2

I look forward to working with The County of Blackmeadows and hope for the prosperous growth of The Black Legion and The Underground organisation of Assassins within it.

7/23/2017 11:48:00 PM #3

Awesome post Roderic. See you on the front lines!

7/25/2017 8:53:37 AM #4

Blackmeadows is now recruiting citizens, if you are a player that wants to push their influence and rise through the ranks of a military, join by clicking the banner below.

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Love the post Roderic!

If anyone is looking for an enthusiastic, dedicated and all round nice count, I highly recommend Blackmeadows to settle in.

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Great post mate!

I pledge my support to your cause!

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Anyone interested in holding territories within Blackmeadows can feel free to pm me!

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Looking the goods, Rod.