Story of the Iron Bulwark

For anyone who wants to know the backstory of the Iron Bulwark here it is:

A young child alone in a village swathed in blood, he knows not of the horrors around him hes far to young to understand as he looks to the sky it suddenly become blotted out ... by what you ask, that my friend would be the arrows flown from bandit bows, as the child closes his eyes, waiting for the end a loud smash thunders in front of him, he opens his eyes to see the shield his father held so dear... he turns hoping to see his father but alas no one is near how the shield appeared there to this day remains a mystery but that young child knew right then that he couldn't let anyone else bear that heart wrenching fear ever again so he vowed aloud to that very shield "I will always be a Bulwark against the chaos, as he made that vow he heard a voice in his mind that said "You are now one of the Knights of the Iron Bulwark" he felt an overwhelming strength urge through him ... He dragged that shield to a nearby boy Huddled over his mothers corpse and together they hid when some mercenaries passed by some time later they found those two.

A few years later the two boys had begged the mercenaries to train them whenever they could the men knew that these boys would never stop asking so they trained them everyday as hard as they could, they accepted their first contract for a caravan at they age of 16 during this trivial mission they were set upon by bandits, the boys sensed an ambush coming and were prepared as the bandits jumped from the trees one boy trained with all forms of ranged weapon let fly his hidden daggers ... as he collected the coin purse of both foolish men he turned to see the other boy dispatching the last of the bandits on his side with a mighty sweep of his battleaxe, the first boy chuckled loudly and told the caravan it was save to move on,

When they finally arrived into town the boys greeted the lord who had paid for the caravan, with a smile and a bellowing laugh the man praised the boys for their deeds and asked for their names the boys looked at each other, the boy who had used the battleaxe proudly announced "i am the Eternal Elysian", the other looked around hurriedly the lord focused on him "and your are", the boy panicked "huh me i have no name, it died along with my village" the lord recoiled in shock as he did this he knocked the rope for the house bell, as the lord recomposed himself a lad appeared at the door "huh, father why'd you ring the bell" as the lord repeated what the boy had said, the lad turned to "hmmm rather a cryptic thing to say don't you think, Ahhh I've got a name for you" "really" remarked the boy, with pride filled eyes the lad said "Cryptic is your name now" and with that statement he turned to his father and exclaimed that they should outfit them and let the little monster of a brother join them, as payment for the arms and armour, this was the beginning of a very long and bloody road.

The Job above all else, reputation is harder to gain than people are to hire.

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