An Issue in Time

I hope I've got my math right, please let me know if I didn't.

So, one lifetime is approximately 3 months. I would guess that the average lifespan of a Mann during this era is 40-60 years. Lets take the high estimate. So, 3 months for every 60 years, condense that, you get 20 years per month, and 5 years per week, assuming there are 4 weeks in a month (our world).

That might seem fine when talking about aging, because there's 3 weeks from birth to adulthood (approx.), but what about farming?

How will macro time (years and months), be integrated into micro time (hours, days, seasons)? Will farmers be forever busy, always harvesting and we all hope that there isn't going to be a blight? If there is a blight, the commoners might start dying in hours (our time), what then? What happens if the upper class in the server is offline and their scripts aren't able to handle the emergency? If the travel time between kingdoms is too high, by the time a message requesting assistance gets to it's destination, half the people are already dead from starvation.


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The heck? The average lifetime in the real world is 52 weeks, aka very close to a year. Where did you get three months from?

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1 real life week = 1 ingame year.

Daytime 75 min, Dusk 15 min, Night 45 min, Dawn 15 min.

Seasons usually last around 4 days (96 hours), but might be anything between 2-8. So there might be rough seasons for farmers or there might be really good ones.

Hunting and regular trade with other kingdoms are some options to keep from starving.

Making sure to have some upperclass that usually play at different times of the day/night shouldn't be too difficult if its a case of justified worry, but I doubt much bad will happen in a few hours.

Most illnessess wont be deadly and in case of war it takes time to move troops.

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Time relation is like Fenrer said above.
As for activities such as growing crops or plants in general, the time frames are determined in a way that makes sense for a good gameplay experience while at the same time retaining the approximate time relative to other activities.

Of course there have to be exceptions to the rule; when writing a sentence takes 6 seconds in game the way it does in real life, growth of trees will still be noticeable at a faster rate. That is but natural for the game to work as we will play over many in-game generations.

However, for farmers there will be talking care of plants and eventually crop seeding by saisons due to expermentation or research.

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What if there weren't 4 seasons per year? What if each season lasted e.g. 2 years. "Winter is coming... " ;)

I know it would not make sense to call half a season a year, but who cares. Maybe seasons were shorter in ancient Elyria, but then something changed and people still kept calling the same amount of days a year, dispite of seasons :)

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Seasons will last an average of 4 RL days, with a swing zone of 2 - 8. Seasons and years in Elyria are not linked to the same ratios of Elyria.

A spark of life starts with 52 weeks of RL play time. You lose 2 days of RL playtime each time you get hit by Coup do Grace (killing blow, CdG). If you have some level of fame, your spirit loss multiplies the amount of play time lost.

So a King dying 3 or 4 times is a bad thing, a peasant dying... not nearly as bad a spirit loss.

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Everything will be balanced, and then checked, and then rebalanced if required - potentially several times over. Players will need to eat, but not effectively 3x per 'character day', same as crop growth needs to be looked at.

All renewable resources will also need the same consideration including wild animal and domestic breeding.

At the risk of sounding like a stuck record, let them create the shell of this first and release to us before running off in panic - once a straw model is built, I am sure they will ask for our feedback as well as their own play experience.

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poor management is poor management and yes a settlement or even larger domains could go wrong quite fast, in the matter of a IRL night or a few days, and at that point not much can be done, as the situation would only happen if prior management was bad.

But NPCs will not die starving, they will pack and move to places where they'll find food. The only ones that could die of the situation are the OPCs.

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Okay, thanks. I haven't been keeping up too well, and I vaguely remember the 3 months thing from a while back. Or at least it was one spark of life every 3 months.


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On "Seasons" and the impact on farming: I have a feeling the impact won't be as noticeable for the standard Elyrian year, but we will 100% have to be prepared for the Longest Night. The Longest Night lasts 5-6 years, and happens in a 52 year cycle (game years, obviously). This will likely align with part of Winter in the Northern Hemisphere, and players will worry about the impact at those times.

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