Town of Bastard's Bay.

Server: NA-E [Luna]

Kingdom: Vornair; Kingdom 2, Lower Mountain Forest (Neran Biome).

Duchy: Tritiea

County: Siren's Shore

Town: Bastard's Bay (Local name. Map name is different)

The future port town of Bastard's Bay is looking for citizens to help build the town! Players who are interested in CoE, and in particular, maritime people such as privateers, sailors, explorers, fishermen, whalers, traders, merchants, and any and all professions related to the sea! We will also need masons, carpenters, chefs, farmers, tavern owners, deck hands, paper makers, candle makers, glass blowers, and all kinds of other jobs to build the town and maintain it.


While not required, it will be highly encouraged, and many of the current pledge citizens will par take in RP! I personally play to RP very much, and will hold events and such in the town for and relating to RPers!

The Port Town of Bastard's Bay:



The Port is a place for people to gather by the sea, and focus on endeavors such as fishing, whaling, aquaculture, ship research and boat building, and of course, trade. As a port city, it will be notorious for its gaudy displays of wealth and loose morals. The town will be launching point for explorers to explore the seas and coasts of Vornair, as well as a nexus of trade between various regions of Vornair and far away lands. It will be a safe port for weary sailors, the washed up, poor, destitute, and forlorn, but also the rich who make their living on trade. The port will be a waylay for weary travelers, and merchants. It will be a connection point into the Kingdom of Vornair. Think Good Neighbor from Fallout 4, or Port Royal/Tortugas from Pirates of the Caribbean. The town is heavily modeled after the Legendary Pirate Utopia of Libertatia!

Town Focus:

The town will be focused on helping to research sea worthy vessels (And all tech revolving around Ocean Travel), expeditions to find the lost Tribe of the Mydarri, trade in exotic goods with Vornair mainland, fishing, aquaculture, scavenging, shipbuilding (boat building), and as a port for sailors. It will also be a haven for those down on their luck, washed up, or forlorn and weary.

We will also focus on a prosperous Market trade, and hope to be a hub of the trade in exotic goods of Vornair! If it can be bought, it can be found in Bastards Bay. We hope to make Bastards Bay a sort of "Diamond in the rough" where traders flock to sell their goods to both Vorn citizens and people in aforementioned far away lands!

In addition to all of the above, we will also be home to a Nautical School, where people can teach or learn Cartography, Astronomy, and Scribing (As well as any other skills relating to navigation, sailing, and map making), and a Bard School for musicians, story tellers, and deviants. There will also be a Tailoring Guild that includes leather work as well as clothing making. We even have a member of town who is interested in starting a Tinkerer's Guild for all manner of invention!


As well as all of the above, we will be focusing on importing as many tribes as possible into our settlement during KoE, Expo, and launch! We want to really make our town stand out, and feel like a true melting pot of Elyria! If you are interested in tribes, breeding them, and importing them, come join us!


The town will be lead by a Captain Mayor, with a council of 4 Councilmen/women. The leadership will be hands off, allowing the town to self govern in ordinary times. Initially, the Captain Mayor will be me, Captain Seli! In times of war or hardship, the Captain Mayor and Councilmen/women may take more direct control of leadership. The town will operate on a Code of Conduct that all citizens and visitors must follow.

Town Philosophy, Laws, and The Code:

Being heavily influenced by the legendary Pirate Utopia of Libertatia, our town is planned to be a Free Haven, where one can pursue their interests to their fullest. However, we must maintain a bit of civility, and cannot be a true Anarchist State, so we will have a Town Philosophy to help guide our citizens.


  • Every Mann and Womann is born free, and has as much Right to what would support him or her, as to the air he or she respires.
  • Every Mann and Womann has the Right to pursue their interests, and to not be oppressed by the rich and powerful through physical, mental, or financial means.
  • The Pirates of the Bay are the barrier to said Oppressors and Justice will be served equally.
  • Do not shit where you eat. Citizens of Town are not to hurt the town or their fellow citizens on the account.
  • All Elyrians have a Natural Right to a share of Elyria as is necessary for their Support.


  • Criminals and Deviants are welcome in our town, provided they adhere to our philosophy (Stated above).
  • No outside warrants will be recognized within Town limits.
  • Deviant activities are to be conducted out of town, in the surrounding country side or waters, or in specified Schools, where learning such arts is allowed.
  • Punishment will be as prescribed by the Captain Mayor, and/or the Citizens of the town.

The Code

  • All pirates within Bastards Bay adhere to the Articles of the Free Pirates of Elyria.

There are still a lot of unknowns with the development of CoE in terms of mechanics, so some things are subject to change (The town's name has been discussed with Serp, and is likely to be accepted!) Over all though, the basic premise of the town will not change to much.

Whether or not the town is created in Expo using Exposition points (Under a Mayorial Pledge), or carved out of the land the hard way remains to be seen! We do have a Mayor pledge for the town though, so it all depends on Land Selection!

So if you are interested in joining in this town, please post here or hit me up in discord!

Along with the town, there will be a "Guild" (Player Organization). This organization will be my personal Ship's Crew! Not everyone in the town will be a part of my crew, but if you're interested in joining the crew as well, just join the Discord and/or post here and let me know!

Town Discord:

Bastards of Captain May Discord


Bastards Bay Guilded Page

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The Beginning of the Fourth Age:

Legends say that Zekial Schellenger set sail out of a port in an area that would become Gull’s Rest in search of the Island of Eternity.

Prior to the year 229 in the Fourth Age: Gull’s Rest.

The town of Bastards Bay was once a prosperous port of call in The Arbor, called Gull’s Rest. Many traders and merchants used the town as a stopover on their journeys. Caravans would bring their goods to be shipped up and down the coast, bypassing the roads which were often plagued by bandits and hostile wildlife of the Scattered Lands. Gull’s Rest was never a shining jewel, but it was a good town, full of good people. Most of the permanent residents of Gull’s Rest were fisherfolk, whalers, and sailors. They were peaceful, and well respected among the Arbor as hardy and hard working. Gull’s Rest was situated on the shores of a beautiful bay, which provided the town with everything they needed. The bounty from the sea was easily harvested in the calm deep waters of the bay. It provided protection from the raging storms and rolling waves of the sea beyond. Boats moored safely in the harbors and sailors were able to tend their profession up and down the coast, and into the rivers without worry.

The Year 229 of the Fourth Age: The Searing Plague

The Searing Plague first reared its ugly head far away from Gull’s Rest. The hearty sailors of the port never saw it coming. By the time word of the massacre at Olne reached them, the Dras Hospitaliers helping across Elyria were already dead. A man arrived in town late one evening, parched of throat, and dry of eyes. He requested transport out of the Scattered Lands to escape a terrible sickness sweeping the lands. No one in the port paid him much mind, but a To’reshian sailor took pity on him, thinking he was delirious from the road, and offered him passage a little ways up North. Before the next day, the stranger was found dead in a back alley, his skin cracked and flayed open as if he had been burned. His eyes were bulging, and it was clear his death was painful. This spurred the town into a frenzy. The Searing Plague was in Gull’s Rest, and the news of the devastation in other parts of Elyria had the denizens terrified. People barricaded their homes, stopped showing up to their jobs, and the streets became desolate. No one dared to leave their houses for days after the stranger died. The mann who had found the stranger dead, was soon found dead himself, along with the To’reshian Sailor who offered passage. The Searing Plague had taken three victims, and many more were starting to show the signs. Fatigue, sore, parched throats, dry eyes, and sweaty skin. At least eight townsfolk had symptoms of the Plague. The Town Council decided to meet, and discuss ways to combat the spread. Plague Doctors, Nurses, Herbalists, and Sages were recruited to help find a cure and treat the sick. A week after the stranger had been found dead, thirteen people were claimed by the Searing Plague, and twenty one showed symptoms. Undertakers were brought in from nearby towns to help bury the dead according to their Tribe’s last rites. Eventually, the Plague broke, and slowly, life returned to normal for the citizens of Gull’s Rest.

Between the years 671-696 of the Fourth Age: The Mad King’s Invasion

When the Mad King invaded the Scattered Lands, The Arbor was first on the chopping block. The Capital of Donau was sacked, and the Aristocracy of the town were hung in the streets. The Mad King marched on Gull’s Rest. The Port was tactically advantageous, as it was laying on the outskirts of the County, and on the fringes of the Scattered Lands. Instead of sacking the town, it was occupied. Gull’s Rest became a military outpost for the Mad King’s forces, and his soldiers took up residence inside the once prosperous town. The enemy’s ships sailed the bay, where the townsfolk had once fished. The bay which had fed them, and provided them safety from the raging sea had become a prison. A large blockade of the Mad King’s ships prevented many citizens from leaving, and sailors from returning home after months away fishing. The normally calm townsfolk began to formulate a resistance out on their boats. The sailors turned from friendly fishermen and merchants, to cutthroat pirates, taking the Mad King’s ships out in the bay, in the estuaries, and along the coasts. The Pirates formed bands and worked together to harass and destroy as much of the Mad King’s forces as they could, unable to liberate the town from the massive blockade. They were highly successful in their hits. The Pirates of the bay were more knowledgeable of the bay’s features and currents than the sailors of the Mad King’s Navy. They knew every shoal, sandbar, and rock. They knew where and when the currents and tides would be beneficial, or dangerous. This intimate knowledge of the bay was vital in their victories against the far larger, and more armed naval blockade.

While they were victorious on the waters, their town suffered. The soldiers tightened their hold, and hunkered down in the town. The Blockade choked the town off from the rest of Elyria. The Mad King’s soldiers squandered the town’s stockpiles of food and resources, and pillaged her riches. The Pirates were able to smuggle some supplies in and out of the town, but not enough to sustain the depleting citizenry. Each day, more and more of the townsfolk began to take to the water, joining the Pirate Bands through their smuggling network. It was at this point in time, the Pirates, lead by a duo of fierce sailors named Adraine “Sharkbait” Block, and Joris “Whaleback” Mullica gathered the Bands together and formulated the first Code of Free Pirates of Elyria. They swore to live and die by this code, and to never allow another force to occupy their precious bay.

The Year 696 of the Fourth Age: Bastards Bay is Born.

After a long siege, the forces of William Redwyne finally marched on the beleaguered town of Gull’s Rest. The Arbor was fighting back. As the allied soldiers fought to free the town, the Pirates assisted. They assaulted the main blockade for the first time. Sharkbait and Whaleback took their crews and cut a swath into the Bay. They boarded the Mad King’s flagship, and after a lengthy duel, killed the Admiral of the Blockade. Caught between the allied forces, and without a leader, the Mad King’s forces fell.

During the battle, many pirates were killed. Heroes like Fredrick Blackballs, “Plunderin” Dave Henlopen, “One-Eyed” Willy Godjin, Anne “Ambergris” Ambrose, and even Adriane “Sharkbait” Block were all sent to the briney deep. Once the town was free, many of the surviving Pirates remained together, and rebuilt their once prosperous home. They renamed it “Bastards Bay” in honor of all their fallen pirate brethren. The town, would not be the same as it once was, however. The citizens of “The Bay” had a dark cloud hanging over them. They were jaded and distrustful of landsmen and outsiders. Joris “Whaleback” Mullica declared himself Mayor, and was accepted by his fellow pirates on the accord. Under his leadership, “The Bay” was built back up, but without the civility it once had. There were no more Aristocrats. No more affluent people in charge. It became a free haven. A place where the downtrodden, poor, and washed up could try to make a comeback. A place where your title mattered little compared to how well you could haggle, or swing a sword. It was not of the same tradition as much of the feudal lands of the new Kingdom of Vornair, or even the County of Siren’s Shore. One thing did remain constant though. The town’s love of the sea, and in particular, the bay which they cherished as an ever present member of their community.

The Year 698 of the Fourth Age: The Kingdom of Vornair is Formed.

The Year 800 of the Fourth Age: Chronicles of Elyria.

More to come!

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Arrrrrghh we be sailing soon

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Ahoy Captain Seli and Bobby b

Adalwolf-Mountain of house Cligain Friend Code: 2EFE21

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Bobbyb and The Mountain! Glad to have ye aboard lads!

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As this dudes Count I support this message!!

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An Update:

The town will also be focusing on becoming a Black Market trade hub within Vornair and the surrounding areas!

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The seas be ours, oh Captain

Andrianovic Von Hagemeister, Mayor of Bastard's Bay.

8/10/2017 1:02:19 PM #8

Updated with a list of desired professions!

We'd also love to have someone who wants to distill rum set up a distillery in or near the town. Having a steady supply of rum will be vital to our operations!

For those people who would want to be set up in town, but are afraid of the pirates ruining their shops/businesses, have no fear! The town will be safe for resident business owners, citizens, and residents! The pirates will protect their town and those who live in it! So, feel free to join in this merry band of sea adventurers' town!

8/21/2017 1:08:16 PM #9

We're growing nicely! We've now got a dedicated animal breeder for beasts of burden and transport!

We're still looking for more people to join the town! If you like that "Wild West" or "Tortugas" feel, and want to join, feel free to join our Discord (Link at the bottom of the OP), or ask us any questions here!

8/27/2017 4:06:41 PM #10

Updated the main post with the Free Pirate's Code of Elyria!

9/21/2017 9:28:02 PM #11

Just added the town to the Elyrian Directory!

11/8/2017 4:33:26 PM #12

We're still up and running! Will be planning a Live Streamed discussion of the town soon, stay tuned for more info!

11/16/2017 5:56:08 PM #13

We're still looking for citizens who want to eek out a living among the Sailors and Explorers of Bastards Bay!

The town is not just focused on piracy! We're going to have a branch of Inventors in the town, as well as lands ripe for farming and grazing! We'll also welcome merchants and craftsmen of all kinds!

If you're interested in making Bastards Bay your home, join our discord and speak to Captain Seli (Me)!

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We have followed these Pirate Bastards all the way from Dragon filled shores to keep an eye. Greatest community of pirates I've ever met. I've ever fought along side then against an army of Trolls!

-Wayland Ade'Braeden, Judicator of IronCall, Tritea Duchy of the High Seas.

Friend Code: 2D1330

"The wave returns to the ocean..."

11/29/2017 1:26:23 PM #15

We've added a link to the first bit of lore about the town! A mythical legend!

We're also setting up a Blackwake server for all prospecting Naval combatant of CoE to come and Enjoy!