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Just asking since I couldn't find a topic to that.

Is the alias going to be character bound our soul bound?

I mean if you chose your nickname for your soul, you will have to play with the same nickname each time your character reincarnates or you will have the opportunity to change it.

It would be great to be able to change it, but there should still be a way to keep the nickname without another player to take it before you are able to revive.

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To my knowledge, every time you reincarnate you, at that time, have the choice to choose the same soul or apply the spark to a different soul. However switching souls will probably (unless previously played) cause the loss of skill ramps.

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Character names are the name of the character (as in the in-game person you are playing as, who is subject to the aging mechanics,) not the name of the soul. The souls do have fixed names, but this is only meant for easily distinguishing among the souls you have available, and I don't believe this name will be visible to other players.

Chances are that, unless you name your character's child after them, and then choose to reincarnate your character's soul into them when the character dies, your new character most likely will not have the same name as your previous one. And, of course, if you move onto a character outside of your first character's family, it would be impossible to have the same name, as your new character will inherit the surname of his or her parents.

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Players will have an account/forum name, that will also be used for out of character chat channels in-game. Your characters in the game will have a personal name that you choose and a surname that will come from your in-game family (unless you are Bloodline or above, in which case you will be able to pick your surname at launch). The only other way to change your surname is to perform some deed notable enough to grant you a epithet or title (such as Dragonslayer), and take that as your new surname.

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I got dibs on Toefungus

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Will multiple nicknames on the same server be permitted?

If not famous player would have problems to keep their nicknames

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Posted By CptBloodBeard at 5:42 PM - Fri Aug 04 2017

I got dibs on Toefungus

aaagh! I wanted that one :P

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So, there's another distinction I should make. There's your account name, which you have already, and then there's your character's actual birth name, which is assigned when your character is born, unless they're a ward, in which case it's during character creation. On top of that, each of your souls also has a hidden name, but I explained that in my previous post.

Your character's given name is not actually as important as your "nickname" in other games. For one, it's not permanent. When your character perma-dies and you begin again as a new character, your name will almost always change, unless you've gone out of your way to make sure that your child, or whichever character you are going to use your next spark on, is given the same name as your previous character. Surnames will be essentially unique in that no one can use a surname without their character actually being part of that family, but as far as I'm aware, there can be multiple people in the family with the same first name. So, if your current character's name is "Octavius Gringledorp," for example, anyone could name their character Octavius, but unless they're also part of the Gringledorp family, they won't have the same full name as you. A character could always disguise himself as you, and tell people his name is Octavius Gringledorp, but there's not going to be any accidental confusion due to incidental name overlaps.

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Account Name = The username you log into the game and the forums with. For instance, I have the account name "GeorgeCarew".

Soul Name = Just a name you use to differentiate between the three souls you have, is not visible to others, and is possibly non unique.

Character Name = The given name and surname of your player, like Jack Daniels, where Jack is the name of your character, and Daniels is the name of your family. Your surname is unique, but your given name is not and anyone can choose "Jack" as their first name.

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This is info is just what I was after.

Now not to add to the confusion but, in the store there is a change of alias, If I understand all of the above this is tied to account name. And on that same note one might assume there may but maybe not (due to history) be some similar surname reset store item if you decide to change your family name.

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Posted By Krextyl at 11/6/2017 2:36:30 AM

This is info is just what I was after.

Now not to add to the confusion but, in the store there is a change of alias, If I understand all of the above this is tied to account name. And on that same note one might assume there may but maybe not (due to history) be some similar surname reset store item if you decide to change your family name.

That won't happen because surnames represent a great deal of things within the game--your dynasty, family ties, etc. For a surname to change, there needs to be precedent in game. Only a great feat or unique achievement can lead to a surnane change. Also, custom surnames will all be screened by the developers, so it wouldn't be practical to allow us the opportunity to change them after the fact.

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Just a quick question on names. If players are allowed to pick their character's first names, is there any kind of moderation to keep things believable? For instance, in a low fantasy setting it would break the immersion to suddenly meet someone who called themselves Darthvader or something. If, so, how will it work?

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Just a minor correction for posterity (because it's a rather important distinction to those who care). CoE started as low fantasy but is a mid-fantasy adventure game now.

"We like to say Chronicles of Elyria is a sort of "mid-fantasy, high adventure" game. What does that mean exactly? Well, to start with it means the game is neither high fantasy, nor low fantasy. Unlike most high fantasy games we don't have radically different races with exotic skin tones, fur and scales, and widely varying silhouettes. Similarly, it's uncommon to see the use of magic in general, and there definitely aren't hundreds or thousands of fireball wielding mages wandering around the cities like folks off to market. On the other hand, it's not a medieval simulator either. Elyria is a different world from Earth and the history, lore, religions, physics, chemistry, and biology of Elyria is different from our own. This allows us to do things in-game which generally can't be done on Earth, and in a more fantastical way."

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