Country of Airedale


In the Duchy of Terenia, a country called Airedale there was a town called Farfell. In Farfell there was a Scientist, a Researcher, a Discoverer. He was a man that always wanted to know everything the world could offer, and so he began his Journey into the Unknown....

Ddraig Hamilton was a straightforward man at heart, always telling people what he wanted at times, telling them things they didn't want him to say and doing really dangerous experiments that sometimes draw him closer to the door of Death. Now onto the story of the evening:

One day in Ddraig's lab, "Why won't they listen to me!" Ddraig says as he slams his hand down on the table "It's not ready yet, it's only been a week and they expect results this fast?", Ddraig grabs a Quill, Ink and a parchment. "Dear Duke Demiqas Liacan and High Regent Grenric Layne, Please stop sending these Letters as progress on your projects are slow, I mean Ice Steel is a Mythical type of Metal and you expect me to find out how to make it after you sent it to me a week ago? I know time is short and you want these projects done but you must have patience! We have found the element which makes Ice but the guild is still working on how to bring these 2 elements together, So Duke Liacan your project has made some results."

Ddraig draws a diagram of a Steel Sword that was found to have Steel Ice in the sword.

"Grenric, we have been working on this for a while now but better Irrigation systems are kind of in the loop right now, we do have designs that could help with other edible crops but we have no access to the seeds and would have to pay a lot of gold for them. As you know the new crop has been doing well, we managed to find out what was poisoning it and have given the details to all the farmers in our Country, they have been pleased so far and say they are amazing, they go well with Rislen. With this letter there shall we another note on how to remove the poison, Tell your farmers to be careful with this."

Ddraig writes the note.

"Now some of this has been good news and some of it bad news I wish you all the best and hope this has been satisfactory,"

"Yours Truly"


P.S "Keep that idiot away from this place asking about hidden blades and all that nonsense, next he'll be asking about a glider." PP.S "Grenric stop writing these letters without Duke Demiqas Knowing. He knows things take time."

Ddraig seals the the letter and puts it to one side.

"Now...where was I?" Ddraig looks at the Dead body in the middle of the room, electricity zapping over his head. "Now I remember."

Please don't worry about the story, I just had to make something that sounded like it was about Science.


Airedale is a country of Science, we strive to find out everything we can. From weapons to Corpses, then to Farming and Transport. If you want to know how to make something we probably know how to make it, and if we don't well then it's another thing to add to the list.

Join me

Well if your looking to join a Science orientated Town/Country you've come to the right place, But if your not that interested in Science I'm sure I can help you with what Job you want to do, Interested in being a woodcutter? I'll try and help you find land with lots of quality trees. Interested in being a Farmer? I'll Help you find the land you need. Interested in Fighting? I'll get you a Job in my Town or in the Terenian Legion. Let me know what you would like to do and I'll try my hardest you help you out.

We are in this together after all.

Here is the Discord:

Pop on by and let them know I sent you by. if you need anything be sure to leave a message.

8/15/2017 10:06:25 PM #1

Lmao reading your lore. Nice post Ddraig! I am sure this is going to work and creates a lot of cool stories and quests. For people interested in research and development, don't hesitate and join this guy!

8/16/2017 10:25:17 AM #2

Posted By Thoras at 11:06 PM - Tue Aug 15 2017

Lmao reading your lore. Nice post Ddraig! I am sure this is going to work and creates a lot of cool stories and quests. For people interested in research and development, don't hesitate and join this guy!

Thanks Thoras. I know the Lore was pretty bad. I just had to come up with something to get it over and done with.

1/20/2018 10:36:31 AM #3

Research and advancements will no doubt be of great importance for the game, good luck with this and I hope you actually put a mad scientist spin on your char in the game :D

1/22/2018 8:32:21 PM #4

I actually live in a place called Airedale, its a place of science all right, but not the good kind...

Anyway good luck.

8/16/2018 10:31:27 AM #5

If research and progression of technology, or researching into potential effects & side effects of artifacts is your thing, maybe just living in an environment focused on improving the quality of life for our people? It is worth speaking to Shadow in Discord :)

11/21/2018 12:33:06 PM #6

I look forward to seeing what concoctions you create in your lab

12/8/2018 6:52:10 PM #7

Advancements in various scientific fields as well as technology will be big parts of this game, so I'm glad we have you and your County there for us! I hope that you will continue to grow.

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