The City of Nicodemus Tabes

Nicodemus Tabes

Voli! Volo!

I want! I will!

We call our new homeland Aeratatabes, for it is a new beginning for our people. We are among the last remnants of our lost empire and we will see our people reborn. We share this goal with our sister city Erebus. Where they make weapons of war and restore our military might. We seek to rebuild the glory of our lost empire through economic puissance.

You cannot back into the future!

Positions of Power

The city of Nicodemus Tabes is ruled as a benevolent dictatorship just like the Old Empire was. While High Lord Xerr Lycurgus II has final say in all matters, power is delegated to able individuals. The only other landowners in the city are the Lords of the Realm and the land allotted for the headquarters of major businesses. First, the High Born Aslan Pathora Leinhart is given full discretion on all military matters in the city.

First, the High Born Aslan Pathora Leinhart is given full discretion on all military matters in the city.

The main affairs of the city are left to the Lords of the Realm. There are a total of seven Lords of the Realm however until a time when the realm has grown to require them all only a handful of Lords are required as of now. Furthermore as the city develops and more organization is needed more positions will open below the rank of each Lord to manage various positions within the scope of that Lord.

The Lords of the Realm will be given each a vote to enact city wide proposals and laws. The Lords however will have final say in all matters exclusive to the scope of their position with exception of the Aslan and High Lord Xerr.

The First Lord – Lord of the Treasury/ Lord of Contracts

  • Responsible for making sure funds are being properly allocated to each Lord. They write up and balance the city's budget. They are also in charge of all Grant and Loan programs as well as securing contracts with foreign powers for resources etc.

The Second Lord – Lord of the Temporal

  • Responsible for maintaining and keeping stock of all goods secured by the Lord of the treasury. They are responsible for allocating land to each Lord for use and working with the First Lord to identify lots and property values for leasing. They are in charge of securing new land to be used for the city and to maintain trade networks and outposts.

The Third Lord – Lord of Transit

  • Responsible for transporting all goods purchased or sold by the First Lord as well as maintaining the trade routes. They are responsible for all hiring of caravan members, security, construction/purchase of caravan transports, and maintenance necessary to trade.

The Fourth Lord – Lord of the Iron Cross

  • Responsible for the City and Caravan guard. Their foremost directive is the safety of the city and its goods to include during transit. They also enforce the abidance of contracts and punish those who fail to meet their promises. It is imperative that all who fail to follow the city's laws be met with swift and bloody judgment.

The Fifth Lord – Lord of the Common Good

  • Responsible for all welfare projects, it is their duty to make sure that every citizen is provided ample opportunity to rise up and meet their potential. They work with the community to make sure there is a healthy level of growth and that even the smallest of businesses is given its fair chance to contribute to society. They are also responsible for collecting demographics so that as the community grows and evolves we are able to meet their needs and grow with it.

The Sixth Lord – Lord of Shadows

  • Responsible for working with our more anonymous clientele and making sure that they maintain their anonymity, the Lord of Shadows helps integrate goods and services from the shadows into the greater trade network. They are also responsible for making sure that the extraterritorial locations are properly managed for their specific needs and regulations.

The Seventh Lord – Lord of Progress

  • Responsible for steering the technological advancement of the society. They make sure that the people are equipped with proper facilities and that adequate security is provided to make sure that any proprietary secrets are kept secret. They also work to identify areas which would provide the most return on investment and work with the other Lords to incentivise those areas of study.


We aim to be the Economic powerhouse of the world!

We intend to achieve this by working with our sister city to develop a trade network which we hope to expand as quickly as possible. The core idea of our trade system is going to be in shipping and managing goods. We will develop lesser outposts throughout the land as drop off points for resources, buying goods from locals at a fair price and enabling them to focus on production rather than the travels and security involved with trade. Locals can purchase local goods at the outpost or make a shipment request from the greater network at a larger markup due to convenience and security costs. We will make regular shipments from all outposts to our capital of Nikodemus Tabes where we will focus our trade hub and distribution center.

As the outposts grow we will develop each from a basic utilitarian outpost to a full fledged travelers stop. These Traveler’s Choice ™ stops will have an Inn run by Count Lark’s personal guild and will be protected by the Guards of Erebus. We plan on working with Mayor Loketus to set up small sanctuary districts within each outpost with an economy that can support it. We will also encourage young entrepreneurs to set up shops at each outpost where goods will be easily accessed through our trade network. Businesses which complement the needs of our trade network can apply for loans, grants and subsidies to assist with their development. The most important trade routes will eventually be patrolled to maintain security.

Nicodemus Tabes itself will begin primarily focused on raw materials and setting up local businesses and trade routes. We will offer loans, grants, and subsidies where appropriate to facilitate growth. As detailed above all land is leased however due to this fact early lease prices will be kept low to encourage growth yet high enough to maintain properties. As our city grows these prices will be adjusted however on the flip side if your business encourages growth within the city you may be rewarded with increased land at no extra charge. You may also apply for a position with the Empire Guild to be a part of the official government.

As we expand into a more structured community we will then begin focusing on expanding our network and setting up early outposts to begin trade in earnest. We will focus on developing a fleet of caravans and lesser wagons to travel between outposts as well as pick up from local producers. Businesses which can complement and help with maintenance of this endeavour shall be encouraged. As part of this process we intend to eventually set up our own bank.

Laws of the Land

Within the borders of Nicodemus Tabes and all lands with which it maintains influence there are specific addendums to any existing laws of the greater realms of governance.

  • In the case of Macro Contracts (contracts which pass a threshold of value) any willful failure to comply with a contract which results in its breaking shall be punished with the highest available sentence possible to include death and forfeiture of all lands provided by the city.
  • In the case of CONTRACTS with prior and due notification that a failure to comply may occur which is not intended then the holder of the CONTRACT may pursue ARBITRATION with the local government body to assist the member likely to break his contract so as to maintain his end of the bargain however with an extended allowance of time etc at the cost of overall increased compensation.
  • In cases of ARBITRATION a fine shall be levied against the failing member which shall account for at most half the of the amount currently due and at least one tenth of the amount due. This fine shall be paid to the government body however in the case of failure to comply with this new CONTRACT per ARBITRATION then half of the fine shall be given to the party in good standing.
  • In cases of designated SANCTUARIES no extradition shall be allowed and no questions or requests for documentation shall be permitted for this purpose. Any persistent request for any form of information in regards to goods or persons shall be met with a death sentence if caught.
  • In the cases of any crime in a designated SANCTUARY all crimes committed within are punishable by death. No crimes committed outside of a designated SANCTUARY shall be collected on. Any attempt to do so shall be met with death. As long you do no harm (physical or monetary) to persons or financial entity nor disturb the public- All else is Permitted.

Alliances, Sub-groups, Allegiances

We are a member of the County of Pevensie, within the Duchy of Erzhalden, of the Mighty Kingdom of Vornair.

Our Sister city is Erebus and our comrades are the admirable Mayor Loketus, Vladius Glacius, and of course Count Abbott Lark of Pevensie.

The official guild of Nicodemus Tabes is the EMPIRE GUILD which encompasses all members of government to include all government run businesses and schools.

Furthermore we have established positive relations with Nihz Duchess of Rhyddid and Jon Warren Duke of Vitalis.

We have established a business relationship with Der Blutharsch, however we are unlikely to house one of his churches. -In general we intend on being a secular society.

Contact Info, Other Links and Media

Our Discord

The Empire Guild



8/26/2017 3:41:16 AM #1

Where are you looking to set up? What environment/terrain you looking for?

Friend Code: 44590C

8/27/2017 5:16:55 AM #2

Posted By Allister Ashgem at 9:41 PM - Fri Aug 25 2017

Where are you looking to set up? What environment/terrain you looking for?

Although we discussed this over the discord I thought it would be good to reply here as well for everyone else's benefit that may have that question.

The plan is to try and situate along a river or coast if possible. with access to a forest and preferably a mountain as well. Best case scenario also have plenty of open land to expand to in the future.



11/2/2017 8:31:04 AM #3

War Requires Mobilization. Supplies to Fuel the Fire. Roads to carry the Soldiers. The Brotherhood meets your gaze.


3/24/2018 4:44:37 AM #4

Minor updates made. If you have any suggestions such as things you think are missing I would appreciate the feedback over private message. Thanks :)



5/16/2018 9:19:33 AM #5

Updated again. Completed out the full list of Lords.



5/21/2018 11:44:15 PM #6

So new information/clarification note.

At this point I'm actually a count (just waiting on a bug to get fixed by SBS so that actually shows up) and might go as far as to be a double count but I do not want to recruit any mayors, just citizens because to be able to support my city along with Erebus we are going to need the resources from this/these county/ies.

I'm quite dedicated to the success of the city and all people who join under our banner.

  • Also further clarification - while I'm a count, the actual county management I'm leaving to my Count Lark who effectively will be count? while I just manage the city and all the outposts needed to feed it resources. We live a complicated life lol



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