History of the Bloodborn Clan

Bloodborn, feared name of an ancient savage tribe living in the Zantos Swamp far away from our known civilization, ancient relatives of the fabled Dras tribe, the legend says they were born in blood. A long time ago, the firstborn son of the leader of The Blood Ones defected from the tribe in search of immortality. On his journey, he found a book titled "Mortem" with the Two-Fold Queen's mark on it at a long forgotten sanctuary of the tribe where only the strongest warrior could enter.

They believed the forbidden book was blessed by the Two-Fold Queen and could only be read by the strongest warrior.

followed by multiple bloodwarriors he set out to make sure his new 'Bloodborn' clan could hunt till eternity. Moving towards the kingdom of AL-Khezam where the influence of the Two-Fold Queen is the greatest, pillaging and destroying everything on their way.

after years passing they arrived at the kingdom, the presence of the Two-Fold Queen further increased their anger, rage and strength.

after wandering in the kingdom for a few days they found the first village, shocked of what has become of the Dras relatives that live in the village they burned it, their relatives had grown weaker, their life of luxury left them untrained, weak and not prepared for war. Finally he found a place were his connection to the Two-Fold Queen was so strong he dared to open the book, He opened the book dark mist pooring from it, his eyes turnes purple and a white mark burned into his head, whitout reading the book he knew what he had to do.

According to the book he had to pierce an unborn childs heart, One for every year he lived before.

The Bloodborn clan, now followed by multiple bounty hunting groups payed to erase the clan from existence finally found what they were looking for The bounty hunters arrived too late. They found the bodies of 39 womens. Their womb was cut open.

after piercing the last unborn heart, the mark on the leader's head expanded covering his whole body in pale white skin, Maybe it was the work of the Two-fold Queen, but all the unborn children were alive, Whitout a heart and with white pale skin the unborn children started crying, they would feel an endless pain for the rest of their existence, a pain wich no mortal couldnt bear,

They were raised by the tribe while they crossed to other kingdoms, pillaging villages and killing bounty hunters send to dispose of the clan. , When the unborn aged 10, the leader told them his story and ordered his 39 children to murder everyone else in his clan, The Unborn Bloodwarriors, multiple times stronger as the rest of their clan succeeded, they kept traveling and pillaging with a clan of 40 immortal warriors.

With the passing years the pain in them changed to anger, They became even more heartless and savage. For years they raided the land terrorizing the people. The Bloodborn clan was feared worldwide.

Almost 39 years passed since they were born in blood, they were back in the kingdom of Al-Khezam, they dreamed about their birth 38 times at the darkest night of the year. They arrived to a village on the day before their birthnight. They scouted the surroundings and planned to attack the settlement when a group of brigands arrived from nowhere.

The Bloodborns silently witnessed as the brigands robbed the village, the villagers fighting back, but not strong enough. They already wanted to leave the place when the leader of the Bloodborn spotted a shrine, on top of the shrine stood their banner, the citizens adorned the Bloodborn, they prayed for them, they learned of their travels into the other kingdoms, they learned of their strenghts,

That was the moment the Bloodborn learned of their influence on the world, they deemed this village worthy. the leader of the bloodborn blew his warhorn. thats when they jumped upon the brigands.

the brigands ran in fear, seeing the banner of the Bloodborn clan, with the cover of the nights darkness, and a blood red moon in the sky, The bloodborn Clan moved as shadows in the dark, The brigands did not know what was happening, with every passing breath, a brigand lost his head, none of them shouted, non of them made a sound, there was only the sound of the swamp and the humming sound of the Two-Fold Queen. while the red moon was shining upon the swamp, the dead bodies of the brigands bled out.

Upon returning to the village, they found that all villagers had weapons, they were not the weak people they once encountered, they were not the luxurious and clueless people they once were, They had taken the Bloodborn ideology,

The people of the village were grateful for them, The elder offered them food and a place to sleep. seeing as the villagers accepted the way of the warrior, the Bloodborn accepted, in that village, in the land where the Two-Fold Queen grows the strongest, in that village, on the 39th year after 39 unborn children were stolen from their womb, in that village, on the 39'th darkest night of the year,

their rage and pain dissapeeared

On the 39'th darkest night of the year, after pillaging and raiding most of the known world,

On the 39'th darkest night of the year the Bloodborn dreamt of protecting this village, building a fortress, settling down and helping their relatives to protect and arm themselves

On the 39'th darkest night of the year the Bloodborn had found a home.

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