Dedicated Noble House Seeks Kingdom

The Right Honourable and Noble House of the Marshal:

Who are we?

The noblemen and Noblewomen of House Marshal are a proud family dedicated to the ideals of chivalry and forging a dynasty to last through the ages. Out of game we’re a bunch of friends who came together through our love of history and re-enactment, we’ve all studied various combat forms and have lead groups of squad size to company size in large scale battle scenarios, beyond that we’re dedicated practitioners of the arts martial and we do enjoy gaming on the side.

What do we do?

The primary job of the Household as a whole is the upkeep and running of our Academy of the arts Martial and the compiling of the Fechtbuk (Combat manual). The Academy combines all of the base elements of the House’s members from Sir Derron’s Destrier breeding program and the carpentry, blacksmithing and agriculture pursuits. Once founded the Academy will be a home for the sons and Daughters of Noble houses who wish to be trained as Knights of the Kingdom, here they will learn to make axe, sword, mace and bow as much a part of them as their own beating heart, they will be trained in the use of Horse and lance, and outfitted with the finest armour, weapons and steeds the Academy can provide (With a small donation fee from their families, of course).

Our services extend beyond the Academy however to other endeavours as well. In whichever Kingdom offers us a place to call our own we will initiate the creation of a professional tournament circuit, building great list fields for all forms of tournament combat to help keep the warriors of the land sharp in readiness of eventual conflict. We also will be selling the finest steeds in the land from our Stables, and offering the services of our smiths and craftsmen.

The Marshal family will maintain a large farm alongside their horse breeding facilities to raise crops and livestock to feed their parent Kingdom.


We plan to be a pillar of whichever community will have us, we cannot afford to drop to the cash required to form the Duchy we would prefer in this instance, especially on a game that’s not even released yet, however I am hoping to at least get a title of Baron to begin with, if any Kingdom is okay with us aspiring to becoming a Duchy down the road we’d be very grateful to join you and offer our myriad talents. So if this household sounds like something your kingdom needs or wants, can we have a home with you?

10/12/2017 3:01:33 AM #1

We're also all Australian if that affects your choice in any way.

10/16/2017 1:35:50 AM #2

A very well written post! I believe we have similar ideals and would be honoured to welcome you to the kingdom of Tylsia. Which I’m currently a mayor under the count by the name of Ithikari 😀 feel free to join the discord some time which is located here: So we can have a chat :)

2/22/2018 12:32:23 PM #3

This was an good but old post now, glad to see you found a good place to call home. I look forward to working with you guys.

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