T'Aecir, The souls of Ah'wena

Our Sacred Oath & Beliefs

The Aecir are the sworn vanguard of Ah’wena, ever vigilant as we protect the hallowed Arcora. She alone speaks for the Seven, and therefore, the people. It is our oath to give our lives for those that live within these sacred lands and to see to it that the Arcora is always safe to seek her visions, as the descendant of the great Elyn Rizi. Through our diligence, those that aspire to live their lives with zeal, those who walk the spirit path, and those that pursue the arts and wild ways, may live in harmony with the land and stars. We stand to keep the ancient traditions alive by ensuring that the town of Ah’wena itself, its inhabitants, and all it stands for is never conquered. No matter what threat we may face, we must protect the last of the original seeds of the Oakenroot people. This culture shall never be lost.

The Il'g'hanir Senteri will be our sovereign idols and will bind us together in belief. Il'g'hanir Senteri are “Those Who Stand by the World.” These seven spirits represent our core standards and will bless us in day to day life. They will watch over us and guide us in times of struggle and strife or peace and prosperity.

What We Do

The Aecir serve as town guards and personal bodyguards to the people of Ah’wena. The Aecir submit directly to the Kal’Aecir and Tah’Aira (The head of T’Aecir and Ah’wena respectively). Ah'wena being an RP hub, PvP may be few and far inbetween for many of our players; as such, we must diligently train our combat prowess whether we are in times of peace or war. PvP, of course, does not provide the only need for protection. PvE elements in the world of Chronicles of Elyria may pose unexpected threats. The guard may be required to fend off beasts, NPC raiders, or help in times of disease, famine, or other natural disasters. They truly stand as the backbone of Ah’wena.


Aecir will be able to dabble in whatever crafts or other skills they wish aside from training their combat; however, there is a suggestion to consider bardic talents such as investigation or various crafting talents whether that be bladesmithing, leather working, or armor crafting.

This position can be as casual or involved as you want to make it - whether you'd just appreciate moderate RP from time to time and offer to run opc scripts as a guard in between, or if you'd like to be fully involved with planning, organization, and decisions, we can make room for your vision. However an Aecir that is either inactive, unable to provide meaningful support to our cause, or characteristically unfit to attend to their responsibilities will be stripped of their position.

Imgur The Crest For the Vaelthyr Family, who lead T'Aecir.


When Rinae and Sutorius II founded Ah'wena, Hazel Væthi dedicated her life to the safe establishment of the town. She was a woman that bled conviction and justness, and the founding of a new seat for the sacred ways was exactly what she needed to fulfil her life's purpose. Collecting a small following of her own that swore fealty to the town, they were soon appointed Aecir, and she Kal'Aecir. Within her time serving, she found great strength in the Il'g'hanir Senteri, and so established the oaths of service the Aecir take with the Rizi, Senteri, and Tah'Aira today.

Benefits Available

How to Join

Before you commit to the decision of joining, I suggest you read up on Ah'wena itself to find out if this is a good fit! Please join us in the Ah’wena town Discord to get to know us!

Ready to get to know us? Join us on Discord!

Settlement of Ah’wena




Contact me personally on discord with any comments or questions @Capt#1273.

With a vibrant heat and a voice that flickered like flame, a sixth Sentinel arrived. “I am Hellenion, oh Moon. I govern fate. Destiny. Potential. Maturity. I am the Summer heat. I am the energy of manifestation. Here and now, are you prepared to become all that you may become? Your life will change. Your existence will never be the same.”

Her words trembled dangerously, but the Moon uttered, “Yes. I am.”

There was a vibrant flash. She was infused with radiance that burst from her being. Ablaze, she cried out.

“Worry not,” a brave call came at her side. “I am here!”

“Who… Who are you?” the Moon managed through her panic, unable to see what had just occurred. She spotted a bright yet shapeless form, not unlike the Spirits, but far smaller. “Are you another Sentinel?”

“No,” the soothing phantom whispered. “I am a Soul. The Aecir. I know the night. I was born of your light and will always protect you. Even when the Sentinels go forth to watch over other parts of the world, I shall remain at your side. And many more Aecir may yet be born with each cycle you pass through.”

As told by, Hazel Væthi, The first Kal’Aecir and founder of the Aecir.

Shieldwall Strong!

11/9/2017 8:56:31 PM #1

Truly a remarkable post! I am proud to have you as Ah'wena's Kal'Aecir. <3

Sha'harizi County - Capital City of Ah'wena - Countess Aria - Kitlandria!

2/24/2018 6:21:13 AM #2

Do you have any deviant positions open to better protect from the shadows as well?

4/15/2018 1:26:22 AM #3

Posted By HuldricFranconian at 01:21 AM - Sat Feb 24 2018

Do you have any deviant positions open to better protect from the shadows as well?

Hey Huldric, yes if we find the need or if someone has the drive to perform such tasks that would better help us in pursuit of justice, I would not only open a position but encourage the fellow whomst opened it.

Shieldwall Strong!

5/5/2018 10:46:50 PM #4

Yojimbo is a great guy and really passionate about his vision for T'Aecir. Anyone would be lucky to have him as a leader. They also belong to the amazing community of Ah'wena.

Taking a break and don't know when I will be back.

5/11/2018 4:05:37 PM #5

Yeah, it's nice being part of Kit's settlement. The ability to grow and actually mean something to the people of Ah'wena is something I'm looking forward to.

Shieldwall Strong!

10/9/2018 10:50:11 PM #6

Excellent post, would Aecir ever assist in the investigations of crimes in nearby settlements?

10/13/2018 9:14:43 PM #7

If we were asked to do so, yes I could see investigating more countywide or less local cases. I plan to personally take my time learning the investigation skills in CoE and teach them at Ah'wena's local institute, increasing my reputation (or anyone's reputation that would be so inclined) connected with T'Aecir as a reliable detective is very much in best interests!

Shieldwall Strong!

10/21/2018 7:16:35 PM #8

Yojimbo is a great guy who is very dedicated and hard working. I am very glad to have him as one of my officers as well. I am sure the T'Aecir will be some of the most feared warriors in all of Bordweall.

Taking a break and don't know when I will be back.