[APAC/OCE] Animal Husbandry Association - AHA

The association serves as a network of independent breeders & tamers across Elyria to create a directory for customers, locate animals in neighboring regions for breeding & taming, and education in both animal husbandry and related businesses.

Lead by Executive Leader & Founder Sapphira Clarke (aka Stealthwire)

Lead by Co-Founder Kat5Khaos

Lead by Gaeda

Lead by conservationist, Ana.

There are four subassociations for detailed information on animal types and relevant network connections. Note that some breeders choose to remain as an unspecialized.

Mount Breeders: Donkeys, Horses, Thoroughbreds, Ursaphant, Trison.

Livestock Breeders: TBA - Cows, Pigs, Sheep.

Pet Breeders: Vanity pets, guards, fighting companions.

Wildlife Tamers: Bring back new and exotic animal breeds from the wild.

Whether you'd like to join the AHA as a breeder, tamer, loyal customer, or just a friend, please join us on DISCORD.

Get started on our website by registering for our forums.

Animal professionals should Create a Listing on the directory. Outstanding community members, content writers, and contest winners may have their listing featured on the website.

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3/24/2018 3:11:14 PM #1

good luck with your project!

4/18/2018 12:07:31 AM #2

Nice Project. Good luck :D

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