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Val'Syn'Aira will be comprised mainly of Neran.

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The Val'kyryn

The Val'kyryn are the prestigious Elite Arm of Val’syn’aira and by extension, Val'aira- a group of gifted warriors born from the Assembly of Three Voices. The fact that they are led by womenn is secondary. Equipped with skill, strength and loyalty, they are far more than the sum of their parts. This group focuses on PvP gameplay. They are settled in Roh'eselle Capital though will be spread out across the Duchy. Check out the recruitment post or contact @Countess Ohnara Thornn#5073.

Check out the additional posts below for more information on our lore, the Assembly of Three Voices, and more!

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The Assembly of Three Voices: Of Stone, Blood, and Sky (A Summary)

The county of Val’syn’aira is based on the alliance of three bloodlines: the Braxtinr, Spiritalkers, and Sharizi. After the events that unfolded over the course of about twenty years, the remnants of the three lines, each under a new name came forth to form the Assembly of Three, Ti Tonas Samani.

The Spiritalkers and Sharizi were both nearly wiped out in the Battle of Ivie and the Razing of Sharizi. The Braxtinr, while not wiped out, reclaimed the first of their matriarchal line’s maiden names. The three lines are today known as the Thornns, Dreamwalkers, and Bokest, each representing one of the three elements within Val’syn’aira’s worldview: earth, water, and air, or stone, blood, and sky.

This is a brief overview of the unfolding of events.

The Assassinations

In the year 650, two individuals from noble lines in neighboring counties were assassinated. One was the son of the Count of Sharizi, Imreius Sharizi, who was poisoned; the other was the wife of the Count of Braxtinr, Belladonna Braxtinr, who had her throat slit. These assassinations were orchestrated as a coordinated effort planned for years by the Zilamtî Nazik leader, Belthere Nazik.

Belthere was an ambitious man, but one who did not have the love of followers to lead him towards building healthy unions to rule new lands. He had never been accepted in Tylsia because he was power hungry and vindictive. The only way he could achieve such feats as expansion was through subjugation and pillaging. While the Zilamtî Nazik were a large clan from just outside the territories of Tylsia, they would win no political favor.

Overtime, they were slowly encroaching upon the lands that were then known as Braxtinr and Sharizi, but they had little luck as any time they came fully into the lands of Tylsia, they were fought back. Before the assassinations, they had not made any official moves on the citizens of Tylsia, but they had been fighting with some of the unaffiliated nomads who roamed in unclaimed lands just beyond the borders. Many pop-up villages and wagons had been pillaged, the women raped or kidnapped, and some of the children enslaved; due to the nomads lack of resources and alliances, they had no one to turn to and some were even wiped out. This was how the Zilamtî Nazik opperated, and steadily their resources grew.

The decisive strike of the assassinations of Tylsian nobility so carefully planned could have caused a stir of dissension among the Sharizi and Braxtinr. There were indeed more plans to follow that would have cast both clans under heavy scrutiny. It did not, however. The Zilamtî Nazik could not possibly have known how even across vast distances, Belladonna and Imreius would instead meet in realms beyond and learn of the well laid plot.

Finding themselves spirit walking, Imreius and Belladonna were called by a mysterious chant and drawn to the same place. There, a flickering blue spirit fire burned before a man. This was Kataka Spiritalker, chieftan of the Spirtalker clan; he had lead one of the nomadic people targeted by the Zilamtî Nazik and fallen in battle. Now, he was waiting out the last of his soul energy in the Astral Plane in order to beg their aid.

During this fated meeting, Kataka informed the two assassinated nobles of the impending incursion of the Zilamtî Nazik. They had already struck at where the Spirittalkers were currently residing, forcing his daughter to grow with child some months past, and continuing to slaughter his people. They were now moving inward to strike at Sharizi and Braxtinr, though it would still take some time to finish taking the lands from the unaffiliated clans. With urgency, Kataka explained that the Zilamtî Nazik had killed a great number of Spirittalkers, not all who could spirit walk, and their numbers were now dwindling.

Kataka urged Imreius and Belladonna to come protect his pregnant daughter Tah'ah'la Hanna. Now that he was to die for good, she would become the leader of the Spiritalkers. She also possessed the knowledge of where the Spirittalkers kept their prized cultural treasure, the Sacred Heart, or the Ah’syn. It was the last of their legacy, and without their help, the Heart would be buried and lost in the history of Elyria.

The Battle of Ivie

With Kataka’s help, Belladonna and Imreius managed to find their way back to their bodies. After awakening, they discovered how they had been assassinated and each took action to ensure it would not happen again. Imreius had his assassin thrown into the darkest prison possible, while Belladonna promptly beheaded her husband and had the body burned. In haste, both Sharizi and Braxtinr set out with troops to support the Spirittalkers, a journey which without much rest still took nearly three days. Unfortunately, there was no time to rally many of the other Tylsian troops although runners were sent to carry along the message.

After a bloody battle at the Valley of Ivie, the trio of clans were ultimately victorious, managing not only to slaughter the present forces of the Zilamtî Nazik, but also to retrieve the Sacred Heart. Thus, the triad of Thornns, Sharizi, and Spirittalkers sealed their alliance. Days later, reinforcements from the rest of Tylsia joined the Braxtinr and Sharizi forces in decisively ending any future threat from the Zilamtî Nazik, offering any refugees of the subjugation a new home.

Following a grand celebration, each of the three parted ways. Belladonna returned to her home and claimed her rightful place as Countess since she had beheaded her husband for attempting to assassinate her. In this peaceful takeover, she reclaimed her maiden name of Thornn. She gifted the Spirittalkers a sizeable plot of land. Imreius returned to Sharizi while Tah’ah’la and her soon to be born daughter settled with the remaining Spiritalkers in the gifted land on outskirts of Braxtinr. Although Imreius had returned to his home, he continued to see Tah’ah’la after she gave birth to her bastard son, Tak’lenen.

Fall of the Sharizi

Tah’ah’la and Imreius had grown quickly to love each other fiercely, but despite his culture’s emphasis on marriage never being arranged and only created out of love, his father destroyed that sacred law by agreeing to marry Imreius to a foreign dignitary.

Within the following thirteen years after the Battle of Ivie, Imreius’s beloved culture crumpled and was destroyed slowly starting with the betrothal. Another deceitful clan, the Balûle, posed at a political bond. The Balûle suggested a marriage between Imreius and their Count’s daughter, Valluial, in order to assure an alliance. Between the military might of the Balûle and the more mystical culture of the Sharizi, Imreius’s father, Count Sercius, saw it as an opportunity to stave off bloodshed after the most recent battle. Imreius did not understand this choice and fought back, but in the end he was forced to wed.

Just before the wedding, Imreius saw Tah’al’lah a final time. In this meeting, he got her with child. Their daughter, who Imreius would not meet until years later, was Dal'ah'nah. This was the last they would see each other until Tah’ah’lah’s death.

As it would turn out, the Balûle merely used the marriage to gain leverage against the Sharizi. During the festivities of Imreius and Valluial’s son Sutorius’s first birthday, the Balûle struck and razed the Sharizi estate to the ground.

Tah’ah’la, in her attempts to forewarn and save Imreius, was killed as he fled to Braxtinr. Still in the process of being reformed after Belladonna’s rise to Countess, Braxtinr was nevertheless a military powerhouse with their feared shield maidens which would one day be known as the Val’kyryn. Combining Belladonna’s aid along with help from the allies of Tylsia, they struck the Balûle down. Unfortunately, it was too late for the Sharizi, their extensive libraries, and the entire bloodline save for Imreius, his son, and the daughter he did not know.

The Formation of Val’syn’aira

Heartbroken and alone except for his son and serva, Cassius, Imreius made it safely to Braxtinr. Worn and bitter in his wretchedness at the lost of Tah’ah’lah, Imreius did not fight in the battle to reclaim the lands of Sharizi nor was he asked to as the only remaining noble - the rest of the bodies had been burned, drowned, and beheaded.

In the following years, Imreius, as the rightful heir to the County of Sharizi, merged his reclaimed lands with Belladonna’s. This formed Val’syn’aira - a name symbolic of the alliance and the Union of Three which would be carried out for generations to come. Val, meaning Stone, honored the Thornn line which represented strength and protection. Syn, meaning Blood, honored the Spirittalker line which represented not only the cultural Sacred Heart or Ah’syn, but the depth of emotion with which Tah’ah’lah and Kataka had sacrificed themselves for the ones they loved. Finally, Aira, meaning sky, honored the line of Sharizi which represented vast knowledge of things both in the physical plane and beyond though their rich mysticism and vast libraries, even if almost all had been lost. Over the years since it's formation, the vast lands now under the Thornn line were split off into other Counties. Thus Val'Aira duchy was born.

The Bloodlines in the Aftermath

The Spirittalkers & Sharizi

After coming to the capital, Imreius was united with his daughter Dal’ah’nah and raised her alongside Sutorius. He changed his surname to Bokest, meaning “broken” and abandoned the Sharizi name for he felt it had abandoned his culture and knowledge. Imreius died alone and of old age in a distant cottage, surrounded by books of all the knowledge he and his serva Cassius had managed to record from memories.

Dal’ah’nah Bokest would go on to become one of the Val’kyryn, a new order of warriors that protected the lands of the county. She was trained by Trella, Belladonna’s daughter.

Dal’ah’nah married a Thornn lad and went on to have several children who would help further the strong warrior line.

Sutorius Bokest lived out a life in the city, marrying a Thornn woman and fathering a son named Sutorius II. Sutorius II was given a plot of land to build a town and with his wife Rinae created Ah’wena.

Tak’lenen Spirittalker, Tah’ah’la’s oldest child and illegitimate son, remained with the Spirtalker people even after her death. It was through his strength that the remaining nomadic people rallied under a new vision and began to repopulate. Overtime and several generations later, their people would take on a new name - the Dreamwalkers.

The Thornns

Being the first of her line when reclaiming her maiden name, Belladonna made a vow to both herself and the women descended from her. No Thornn would again suffer at the whims of a mann, for they were more than the sum of their parts. The line has remained strong and unyielding, now adapting a matriarchy and ruling over the combined land's with respect and dignity. The Thornn line continues to hold the title of Countess & Duchess to this day, absorbing both the Bokest & Spirittalker's into the family through generations of marriage.

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Tah’Circe no Sair Il’g’hanir Senteri

The Circle of Seven Sentinels

It is known throughout the Kingdom of Tylsia that 7 gods and goddesses of virtues and vices hold sway on the land. It also known there was a battle where much magic was dispensed and from the sky, seven acorns fell, but every culture has its own little twist on what magic occurred that day. Val’syn’aira is no different.

In Val’syn’aira it is believed that the mighty seven sentinels are the result of that war. The physical representation of the seven virtues and vices of Virtori. The Sentinels were dryadic guardians who stood watch over the land and kept balance within the forests, nurturing and protecting those who worshipped them by lending their incredible strength and virtue to all who upheld their belief in the balance of all life. It is for this reason that in the pidgin tongue of Ti Tonas, Tah’Circe no Sair Il’g’hanir Senteri translates to “The Circle of Seven Who Stand by the World.”

It has been passed down that the original Seeress of the ancient Spirittalker tribe, Elyn Sharizi, was there when the seeds found their way to New Elyria after the war of the gods. It was in the aftermath of The Burning; through a shimmering haze, a streak of fire tore through the sky, and a flash of brilliant light revealed a mighty and twisted Oak in its stunning transfiguration of branches, flowers, and thorns. Though she was young and inexperienced at the time, dazed from the ripping of the worlds and a mere ten years old, Elyn could not mistake what she had seen. From nowhere, a great oak, so powerful and tremendously beautiful was quivering in the wind before her. As she gazed upon it, seven acorns fell to the ground and dissipated like smoke. Once the acorns had fallen, the oak crumbled to ash, leaving a faint imprint of the seven virtues and vices in their godly forms, floating in a haze in the air.

In this moment, Elyn was enlightened to the ways of spirit and soul. Throughout her hundred years long life, she told the tale of the seven acorns from which came the Circle of Seven, the Il’ghnir Senteri of Val’syn’aira. The first person she told was a friend who migrated to the lands that would one day become Braxtinr, and later part of Val’syn’aira.

It is said that there was a grove where Tah’Circe no Sair rooted into the earth. There, seven trees grew: ash, apple, yew, willow, pine, hazel, and oak. These became the Il’ghnir Senteri, the great sentinels that would watch over the people for the rest of time no matter what became of the physical trees themselves.

Four of the sentinels represented each season and time of day. The other three represented the three elements. Each sentinel had a name and domains they presided over so that the faithful might pray for aid. Many settlements and individuals have a patron sentinel.

**Note: Obviously, we do not know biomes/tribes yet. If we end up with a biome that lacks trees or varieties of trees, we will shift as necessary. The terms may or may not be altered slightly, but the domains of each sentinel will remain.

Il’g’hanir Senteri

The Il’ghnir Senteri are genderless sentinels. These descriptions cover their basic domains and functions within worship and belief.

Valduir - The Stone Oak - Strength & Protection

Valduir is considered the leader of the sentinels, unsurprisingly as they are associated with the oak tree itself. They are often the preferred patron of soldiers. Valduir is often petitioned for strength and protection before a battle.

Valduir’s Domains:

  • Strength
  • Stone
  • The Body
  • Endurance
  • Longevity
  • Nobility
  • Smithing
  • Strong Foundations
  • Progress
  • Protective Forces

Airacoll - The Sky Hazel - Knowledge & Enlightenment

To the right of Valduir and representing more masculine energies, Airacoll governs thought and the mind. They are a preferred patron of scholars. People pray to Airacoll to do well in assessments of skill, to find inspiration in projects, and for inner wisdom.

Airacoll’s Domains:

  • The Sky
  • The Mind
  • Wisdom
  • Masculine energy
  • Crafting of all kinds
  • The arts
  • Knowledge and enlightenment
  • Inspiration in the form of thoughts

Synailm - The Blood Pine - Emotion & Experience

Synailm is to the left of Valduir, embodying a more feminine energy. They are often the patron of artists for their association with emotion. Synailm often receives prayers associated with high emotions, especially when one is in distress.

Synailm’s Domains:

  • Water
  • Blood
  • The heart and soul
  • Feminine energy
  • Emotion
  • Enthusiasm, joy, awe, wonder
  • Great realizations
  • Pain and fear
  • Experiencing and living life

Isksaille - The Dusk Willow - Intuition & Love

Isksaille represents dusk, fall, and old age. They are often the patron of those coming towards the end of their life, mystics, and those who find themselves in love. People often pray to Isksaille to make a wish or to try and gain insight into a situation.

Isksaille’s Domains:

  • Autumn/Fall
  • Intuition, divination, and psychic energy
  • The rising of the moon
  • Romantic feelings, love, and lovers
  • The Spirit World or Astral Plane
  • Dreams, fantasies, and wishes
  • Mysticism, witchcraft, and ritual

Midna’idho - The Midnight Yew - Death & Rebirth

Midna’idho is associated with the nighttime death, and rebirth. They are often the patron of those on their death beds, astronomers, and those who have recently had a major transformation in their life. Midna’idho receives prayers at the end of lives of situations to ask for guidance in moving forward.

Midna’idho’s Domains:

  • Nighttime, midnight, the stars
  • Winter
  • Death and dying
  • Transitions, things ending, passing, or fading away
  • Exits and gateways
  • Graves
  • Omens of death
  • Renewal, rebirth, and new beginnings

Rashaquert - The Dawning Apple - Health & Wholeness

Rashaquert is associated with the sunrise and the season of Spring. They are the preferred patron of young people, healers, and often chefs. When one is sick or starving, they will pray to Rashaquert for aid.

Rashaquert’s Domains:

  • Youth
  • Health and vitality
  • Dawn and the sunrise
  • Regeneration, recovery
  • Food and fullness
  • Wholeness
  • Resting, relaxation, and recuperation
  • Social contracts

Hallenion - The High Noon Ash - Destiny & Transformation

Hallenion is one of the more mystical sentinels, next only in line to Isksaille. But, while Isksaille represents the side of wishes, hopes, and dreams, Hallenion represents the actual manifestation. Hallenion is the patron of the Furies who tend the Grove of Hallenion. It is not uncommon for people who have been through a major transformation in their life to thank Hallenion.

Hallenion’s Domains:

  • Summer
  • Maturity
  • Accomplishments
  • Shape-shifting
  • Manifestation
  • Fate and destiny
  • Changes, pathways, possibilities, potential
  • Cycles of change
  • Crisis

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Masterfully done, Ohnara. The vision you have for your county, and the established lore you have from prior RP, really speaks volumes.

I look forward to having you as part of Tylsia, may your Val'kyryn safeguard your lands and people. But never be afraid to look to the armies of your fellow Tylsians at your side!

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Im amazed at the attention to detail, overall aesthetic and quality information. Great Job!!

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An incredible wealth on information! Anyone who reads this can tell that there has been considerable thinking, work, and creativity put into this.

Congratulations on placing, and I'm looking forward to seeing this come to life within Val'Aira!

All roses have thorns!


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Absolutely amazing! I'll need be studying this in greater detail over time.


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