[Free Counties] Loire

The County of Loire

The county of Loire is dedicated primarily to roleplaying, and storytelling. If you're the type of person who enjoys these things then I hope you can find your home here.

Meta Information


1.) The primary goal of the county of Loire is going to be to establish a firm base of loyal citizens. What is a county without its people? We hope to build up a strong sense of community so that everyone who lives within our borders can feel like one extended family.

2.) Our next goal is to begin a campaign in order to educate the public on the dangers of demon speak. For more information on this topic please read below.

3.) The third goal of Loire is going to be to establish proper economic security. The exact nature of such things will depend on terrain of the county, and the will of its citizens. Taxes will raised to meet the demands of the local duke, and of course the monarch as well. Additionally local taxes will be levied in order to pay for public projects, and defense. Additional taxes may be levied during wartime.

4.) Establish The Order of Heroes. Many events of a grand nature occur all across Elyria. In order to address such things, and bring The County of Loire great glory an order of heroes will be established. During wartime these elite warriors will be recalled in order to defend their homeland.

The War Against Demon Speak

One of the goals of our county is to reduce the amount of demon speak that occurs within our borders. Many Elyrians do not even realize it, but often they say nonsensical words such as "internet" and "cellphone." Such speak is the doing of demons, and every time such a word is uttered they grow in power.

While it is impossible to fully resist the temptation of such things we wish to educate the public of its dangers. Because of the commonality of these words we will not issue any bans, or laws in regards to demon speak. However we hope that such words may become taboo within our borders.

I will say as well that I ask all members of my community not to chastise those who commit such a sin. We have all done so ourselves at some point, and time. Instead I wish for our community to focus on education, and forgiveness. Many Elyrians do not even know that they speak the words of demons.

The Demon's Tongue

Lady Alíce Faun'loup has heard rumors that venting one's mind of demon speak can help prevent future outbursts. She has also discovered that the burning of salts can help reduce the effects of such talk. As such as one of her first projects she intends to establish a new tavern named The Demon's Tongue that will burn salts on a regular basis.

The lady has said that she will fund this first project personally in hopes that it will create an area where her citizens may speak without paying too much mind to their words. If the project is successful additional taverns of a similar nature may be established either by the county, or its citizens.

House Faun'loup

House Name: Faun'loup

Coat of Arms: 4 Stars in the night sky. Representing wisdom, respect, pride, and community.

House Words: Light in Darkness

House Motto: The stars shall guide you home, but they only show at night.

Current Head of House: Lady Alíce Faun'loup

House Faun'loup is one with a rather heavy focus on proper social order. The members of this house show a large amount of respect to those above them, and expect a similar amount of respect from those below them. However they are not the types of people to ignore the words of their citizens, or look down upon them.

Because of their house's value for wisdom they chose to surround themselves with people who carry knowledge in areas they do not. Heading the advice of those around them is how this house grew to power. A Faun'loup cannot carry their name without open ears.

Similarly they tend to be quite a social bunch. Not only with other nobility, but also with the common folk. The 4th star of their coat of arms carries meaning of community for a reason. They aren't ones to shy away from the world around them as long as doing so does not interfere with their primary duties.


The Faun'loup house is currently looking for active advisors in the following matters. If you are interested contact the lady. If you wish to advise her on other matters she is open to discussions of such things as well.

  • Economic: Open
  • Military: Open
  • Religious: Open
  • Spy Master: Open


The Faun'loup house does not seek to impose any religion onto the citizens of Loire. The education against demon speak is not currently a religion, and as such should hopefully not break any ties that the members of the community already hold.

However the selection of the free kingdom's monarch is still an uncertain thing, and the lady is more than willing to comply with the religious demands of her monarch. Similarly if the lady ever finds herself enrapture in religion she may speak with the citizens of her community about founding a religious order.

Currently Lady Faun'loup is looking for a religious advisor to assist her on such matters.


The Faun'loup house hopes to maintain neutrality where possible. However the importance of self defense is also extremely important. In addition to The Order of Heroes a local defense force will be established in order to defend the county, and quell possible rebellions.

Going to war will be a serious decision for the county of Loire, and will not be done lightly. If the call for arms is issued it shall only be done if no other option is available.

The lady is currently looking for a military advisor.


As stated earlier the economy of Loire is extremely important to house Faun'loup. Taxes will be levied only where necessary, and public funds will likely be used to establish additional infrastructure. The presence of trade will be encouraged throughout the county with an early introduction of a network of high quality roads.

One promise the Faun'loup house would like to make is in the building of roads. It is the will of the lady that her territory be interconnected, and as such roads will be established between all settlements in her domain. The size, and quality of the road may vary depending on the relative use that it receives. This infrastructure should allow for the citizens of the land to engage in commerce no matter where they live.

Final Words

I must thank you for reading through the details for The County of Loire. Any support you are willing to provide would be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions feel free to contact Lady Alíce Faun'loup.

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