County of Egilium

So i'll try to keep this short but who knows how well that will go.

My name is KyoryuRed, but in game i'm hopefully going to go by Derun Egil.

I won a county in the Free Kingdoms and i've pledged myself to NiHZ's Duchy of Rhyddid. I'm looking for people and a couple of barons to join my county.

Seeing as how we are still SUPER early in the game i'm not going to be able to promise anything, but I am going to try to get an area with mountains because I want to try to make a city built into the mountains, kinda like Markarth in Skyrim.

I'm also looking to have a county that is more focused on crafting and resource gathering.

My personal goal in the game is to be a blacksmith and to make weapons and armor that look bad-ass and are high quality, but that should not matter to you.

As a Count I only have one job, to protect the people and make sure they can do the stuff they want to do, within reason of course. Every other goal I have in this game is secondary by nature.

I'll work on building roads and trade routes. I'll set up a county guard to help patrol trade routes and bolster town guards when they are needed. I'll set up laws that are fair but not super strict, and i'll make sure taxes are fair also.

In terms of leadership experience, well I have none. This is a new thing for me and i'm probably going to mess up once or twice. I do promise I will try my best though and I wont half-ass it.

So I guess that's all the info I have, if your interested feel free to check out my discord or send me a message on the Rhyddid discord and ask me questions.


Anyway, thanks for reading.

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