County of Lunalysium [Alesia]

Kingdom: Alesia

Duchy: Rhyddid

County: Lunalysium

The Beginning

Greetings friends. I am Astolfo Stalvind of the County of Lunalysium. I am here to offer my land as a place of new beginnings and renewals. A realm of new wonders in the wake of the fall of our kingdom. My goal is to build a realm of learning and training to help the young develop into warriors, bards, artisans, or whatever their dreams may hold and in doing so help rebuild the kingdom. I have a dream for Lunalysium. A place for new beginnings and for the learned to pass on their knowledge to the new.

Governance policies

I will be running a mostly feudal system. I will be providing public services in exchange for taxes based on properties that are being rented or used.

There will be public crafting and training facilities. I believe in providing the facilities necessary to grow new players and crafters. There will also be minor fetch, kill, or craft quests built into npcs and contracts to encourage entrepreneurship and adventuring.

There will be trade routes built to at least reach Rhyddid's capital, the main roads of neighboring counties, and the different towns within Lunalysium.

We are a grand county so there will be some wilderness that will be left wild to allow for wild game and monsters for the hunt.









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Do you have an idea for the lore behind how your county was founded?

We know that the lands were once part of the kingdom of Xelias, did your ancient ancestor wage a war to cut out a little slice of sanctuary?

Or perhaps were there two ancestors a Romulus and Remus sort of story, ties into the feud between the hamlets as maybe each hamlet believes one founder killed the other?