[Alesia] Grand County of Heraldsmarch

Grand County of Heraldsmarch

The Herald of change marches ever forward

Welcome to the Grand County of Heraldsmarch! We are the home of the Doglords, warriors who fights side by side with dogs bred and trained for war. Heraldsmarch is also home to the Halls of Lore, a repository of lore from around the world as well as a public facing information brokerage.

Quicknotes of the County

Ruler: Marchioness (yet to be named)

Governing Style: Use taxes to build and maintain infrastructure and to establish and maintain social programs.

Military Style: A mix of militia and standing armies built upon the idea of using animals bred and trained for war to bolster these forces and provide unique tactics unavailable to forces relying solely on the potential of Mann. Environment will be heavily considered when establishing defenses.

Religious Preference: Al'tifali

Heraldic Colors: Emerald Green and Silver

Biome Preference: Looking for swamplands, bonus points if it's on the coast.

Short Term Goal: The establishing of county infrastructure and social programs. Finding ourselves a niche in the scholarly community as well as the intelligence community.

Long Term Goal: The power and potential to claim independence. Whether or not we will go forward with independence will depend on how happy we are in service to our leaders at the time.

What are these Doglords?

The Doglords are soldiers we intend to train as the core of our military philosophy. Doglords are akin to knights on the field of battle, but they train to fight alongside dogs on the field of battle. The dogs harry and restrict the mobility of enemy formations or even serve as shock troopers to break enemy formations, allowing the Doglords to deliver the decisive blow. We hope this combination will prove not only viable, but highly effective. It is said animals in Elyria are truly dangerous and that even a single Cannis Rabbit is more than a match for the average person, and those things are pack hunters! Now imagine packs of specially bred and trained wardogs, possibly even armored if barding for dogs becomes a thing. We could very well be the trend setter of using animals for warfare in Elyria!

What are the Halls of Lore?

The Halls of Lore are a collection of libraries and monasteries sharing a campus within Heraldsmarch. They house the lore collected by the Heralds of Change and serve as the home base for the Heralds. The Halls of Lore also serve as a communal school. Classes will be held in the style of the Dras where teachers of a particular craft or subject hold lessons and lectures for all who are willing to learn. Those seeking specific information may also petition the Heralds who will run an information brokerage of sorts from the Halls of Lore.

Wait, who are these Heralds of Change?

The Heralds of Change are an order of bardic monks who's mission is twofold! (No, being a Servant of the Twofold Queen is not a requirement) They travel across the world, collecting the lore of the past as well as recording current events. This is the Heralds of Change in their passive role, but like the Twofold Queen, they also have an active role as agitators of change. Either through cunning diplomacy, acts of espionage or in the most extreme cases, acts of outright terrorism, they will carry out missions to seize control of the world narrative. Being an order of bards founded by Al'tifali Monks, the Heralds of Change see the world in a different light than most. The World and all it's history is just one big story being written by the hands of all who live in it. The Heralds want to be a guiding hand, to ensure the world narrative keeps to a productive direction, even if it takes destroying the bastions of old anchoring the world to outdated ways of thought. That being said, the Heralds do not wish to be the rulers of the world, they simply wish for no one else to rule it either. The story must go on!

Okay, what about this Marchioness who's leading all this?

I'm a former Navy Electronic Warfare Operator. (CTT but on the EW side of the house) My time in the Navy was rougher than you might expect and my body is a tad on the broke side. Been in and out of the hospital for heart issues over the past several months but I ain't dead yet and I don't see myself dying anytime in the near future! I'm the type of person who likes to relax and have fun, but I also enjoy the rush of high stakes competition. Some of you may have witnessed my more competitive side come out during the Free Kingdom campaign! I had to back out due to my health issues, but I'm already back on the upswing and I'm looking forward to putting all that passion I showed in the campaign into my grand county! I hope those of you who've read this far will put your faith in me to make this Grand County everything it can be and then some! Maybe one day it'll be the capital of it's own Kingdom? ;D

Quicknotes of the Marchioness

Duchy: My Loyalties are with NiHZ of Rhyddid.

Favored Tribe: Mydarri, alas they are not available to play at launch so I'm favoring Dras, Kypiq and The Waerd currently.

Bartle Type: SKEA, Socializer-Killer hybrid with a splash of Explorer. My Achiever score is non-existent.

Myers-Briggs: ENFP but borderline INFP. Some people call me a social introvert...

D&D Alignment: Chaotic Good.

Favorite Food: French Fries, but I love to cook finer fare and have a preference for bold and spicy flavors. Not a big fan of bitter flavors.

Favorite Music: I listen to a little of everything but I particularly love electronic and alternative rock.

Greatest Fear: Helplessness. I can't stand being trapped in a no-win scenario and I despise those who try to force their will on others. I also fear bees, those fuckers give me nightmares.

Greatest Hope: In game? To create a fun atmosphere and story that spans the world over. I also want to establish myself as a force to be reckoned with, but what PvPer doesn't?

"As man seeks justice in equality, so society seeks order in anarchy"

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"As man seeks justice in equality, so society seeks order in anarchy"

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Good to see you have returned mate.

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Posted By Maulvorn at 3:37 PM - Sat Jan 13 2018

Good to see you have returned mate.

Thanks :D

"As man seeks justice in equality, so society seeks order in anarchy"

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