(APAC) League of Independent Adventurers

Elyria is a world that will be full of stories, and we want to tell them.

As the name suggests the League of Independent Adventurers is an alliance of Adventurers independent of all Kingdoms with the goal to travel the world and witness the events of Elyira. We will chronicle the tales of the men and women we meet and share them with the world. We believe all stories are worth telling, and we will allow no member to be punished by an outsider for recording the story of a "criminal".

As far as most guilds are concerned, LIA run things a bit differently. All members are independent and free to choose what stories they want to tell and all members have a equal voice when it comes to solving internal disputes. All disputes we have will be dealt with ourselves, internal and external.

Our primary contributions to the people of Elyria will be great stories and the best collections of Maps across the four kingdoms.

Our members will be creating the most expansive collection of maps you will find, and all will be marked with a brand you can trust. With the risk of false maps, leading to traps, or hiding mineral sources, you need a brand you can trust. The LIA will hold all of our members to a high standard of cartography, and should anyone break the trust of our customers, the Elyrian people, they will be dealt with.

We are also for hire, if you are about to embark on an epic journey, you may approach one of our offices and request an Adventurer to accompany you, we will be well trained in combat and as well as giving you a story to tell, we will help keep you alive to tell it.

As a member, you will have a support network around you, to help you get set up, or when you are struggling to find work. We will also have an array of safe houses scattered around the land with a bed and rations if you ever find yourself stuck.

If this sounds like the life you want, message me below.

I look forward to sharing the tales of Elyria with you all.

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3/24/2018 3:10:46 PM #1

good luck with your project!

4/18/2018 12:22:15 AM #2

Nice plan. hope you will do this idea in Elyira :D

8/5/2018 2:27:50 PM #3

You can stay at our Temples anytime.

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