(APAC) Roston's Rest


Baroness: Brighid Greer (née Liath)

Kingdom: Caprakan

County: Old Grove

Count: Quintin Greer

Roston's Rest, home to the Greer's oldest friends the Liath. These lands are as fearsome as the womenn who claim them. Stories of monsters, horrors and beautiful mistresses, there is a sense of serenity to the deathly quiet forests where the dead are left to rot in the open. Hardy elyrians are born and dwell here, being raised to fear nothing and revel in the darkness. The Liath are just as good at fixing wounds as they are at causing them, which makes them invaluable assets and allies to have on the battlefield. Their ever-growing army protects their homeland with their lives, their next lives and lives thereafter

Valetudinarium (Roston’s Rest Hospital and Healing charter)

Forest of Bones(The TFQ Dras burial place, sacred ground tended to by The Grey Order)

The Wilted Lily (Tavern with a tragic past, rumoured to be haunted by a heart broken Liath woman).

Crafting: Chemistry: Cooking, Brewing

Survival: First Aid: Bone Setting, Wound Binding

Lore: Medicine: Pharmacology, Surgery


Humanitarian Aid



The night was rumoured to have started as the Widow, Brighid Greer, had heard tales from the bogwitches that mushrooms growing from the deceased allow you to glimpse the loved ones whose souls had been reborn. Heartbroken and desperate with grief, the Widow wandered out in the swamps and plucked the mushrooms from Hamish's body, sobbing and clutching at his corpse she ingested the mushroom. Being Dras, she had poison immunity, so the mushroom instead of causing her to be sick, gave her heavy illusions of Hamish, when he was living and reading books. Being so high from the mushroom, she danced through her town, the sight was so enchanting that the fellow townspeople joined in. Listening to the widows sing songs to her deceased husband, tears of happiness at seeing his healthy face once more. Then suddenly as the vision had begun, the visage of Hamish was gone. The Widow choked on the notes in her throat as she realised she had created chaos in her own town. She ushered her townspeople home with promises of next year they will do the same and glimpse their loved ones again.

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A great post Brighid. Ebonvyre is thrilled to have you with us. I look forward to your prosperity and growth :)

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Excellent post Ms Greer :) I look forward to seeing you shape your Dras settlement.

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