materials in the game world

I didn't find any mention of how dynamic materials would be, such as lighting house on fire, making something out of wood and if it floats, which woods are more dense for structures and some for other applications.

3/10/2018 7:32:31 PM #1

I was wondering about the spread of fire from building to building. Can a fire spread to potentially engulf a whole town? Do large cities need a fire department or bucket brigade?

3/10/2018 7:40:16 PM #2

I don't recall reading about any combustion mechanics either. I suppose that suggests that no such thing is in the works.

3/10/2018 8:05:19 PM #3

Buildings can be set on fire, but it's not as easy as just tossing a torch onto a thatch roof. They chose to break realism here as it would be too easy to destroy structures if all it took was a torch.

So, siege equipment is what will be required to set buildings on fire and destroy them quickly. Whether or not the fire will spread... maybe? I would hope so.

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