Pictures of the Tribes

Hello there! I decided to make a post with all the pictures of the Tribes so people do not have to go searching for them :)

Any pictures labeled CC Stream are subject to change and may look different than the final model as they are from the Character Creation Stream and are not from official released posts.

Brudvir -









The Waerd


Yoru -

3D Concept of Tribes

VoxElyria Models

Hope this helps some folks :)

3/21/2018 4:52:11 PM #1

You. I like you.

3/21/2018 4:54:23 PM #2

This is awesome! Thank you ♥

4/21/2018 12:07:28 AM #3

We are now fully updated with pictures of all the original starting tribes :)

4/21/2018 10:11:58 AM #4

Well done!

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4/21/2018 10:18:12 AM #5

Agreed. This is excellent. Well done.

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4/21/2018 10:22:59 AM #6

Nice this will help a lot of people bloody good work.

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4/21/2018 7:20:33 PM #7

Nice. Thanks for putting them all together.

4/21/2018 8:31:34 PM #8

Well compiled indeed Welshie, thank you!

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10/17/2018 7:48:28 PM #10

Nice to have a place to compare the visuals of each tribe, thanks. :)

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