Judicial Jurisdiction

I'm curious is thought has been put into judicial jurisdiction. Will we be able to put contract laws into place determining jurisdictions of certain things so the courts at County, Duchy, and Kingdom capitals are the courts required to be used in certain instances? For example, a dispute happens near the border of two counties and the location is not clearly in one county or the other. Would we be able to declare the only court with jurisdiction, in this case, is the Duchy Capital Court?

In the same notion will we be able to declare bounty tokens given by different courts have a different area of effect. Thus making sure I can't go to my friend Bob the Judge of a small city, forge a broken contract or falsify evidence so I can get a bounty token on Bill who lives way on the other side of the Kingdom and go stab him in his sleep. I would prefer it that only the court in the Kingdoms capital has the judicial authority to grant kingdom-wide tokens if we so choose to write our laws that way. I would find it reasonable if a kingdom decided it would be ok to give smaller courts more jurisdiction...I wouldn't advise it, but it should probably be allowed.

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