[EU][Coranth]Shamans of Seornai

Greetings Fellow Adventurer.

I would like to welcome you to a very respected Order, The Shamans of Seornai.

Who are we you ask?

We are Faedin, the Servants of the Spirits of Nature. We have dedicated our lives to keep those lives that matter alive, no matter how difficult or simple the task may be. We are bound by the Spirits of Nature to protect those in need, heal those who are wounded or sick and to act as wardens of peace. We gather when the Spirits of Nature have called for us to converse with ourselves and Nature to find new ways to keep those around us alive.

Our history and lore

How did the Order came to be known in Seornai? Not many know of this tale. However, many years ago, there was a Being, who was selected by the Spirits of Nature as the Elder Shaman, his name lost through the ages to most and now only whispered by very few. The Elder Shaman travelled from unknown lands, he was immensely powerful, it was said he could travel through the Spirits of Nature.

But why Coranth many ask? It was said that a Great Plague swept across Coranth, laying waste to Old Anduron and almost destroying the lands. Having a sacred duty to hold, the Elder Shaman set out to heal the plague struck lands.

Through a great many years of dedication, Coranth, was healed to the point where it was a place worth living once more. Before departing to seek other lands that needed his help, he left a gift for the people of Coranth, his Shamanic teachings to those willing to learn. The Shamans of Seornai still exist today to keep the lands and people healthy free from illness thanks to his teachings.

Our purpose

We are present in the beautiful lands of Coranth with a purpose.

To teach peace, we believe that peace is important for Coranth in order to strive for its' goals. To help its’ lands and its’ people stay healthy with the help of the Spirits of Nature and should an unfortunate war happen to Coranth, the Shamans will be there to heal the wounded and get townsfolk to safety. To act as wardens of the lands in close co-operation with the Rangers of Coranth. To act as negotiators, a last act of peace before violence.

Becoming a Shaman

Do you wish to be a Shaman? Enjoy caring for the land and its inhabitants? Always wanted to be a role that is always in high demand, well come join the Shamans, someone, somewhere is ALWAYS needing a Shaman to keep them alive on the harsh frontier. Are you someone that would love to be a negotiator and mediate a peace/truce between two parties on the edge of clashing?

Then come seek us out, we’re always looking for Shaman candidates that wish to contribute to awesome roleplay, while also doing what you might love, whether that is animal husbandry, training in the army, or a craftsman by trade, you can still pursue that of which you enjoy while feeling like you are helping the communities stay alive and peaceful!

Role-players looking to roleplay a Shaman will find a home within the Order of Shamans. The Shamans of Seornai and their variety of duties will provide multiple opportunities and avenues to engage in role-playing with other players.

Anyone who is interested in joining the Shamans of Seornai is welcome to come and meet us in Coranth’s Discord!

Where are we based

The Barony of Seornai is home to the Shamans of Seornai. After helping heal the lands from the Great Plague, the disciples of the Elder Shaman were allowed to settle in Seornai and have since built friendly relations with the people of Coranth.

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Looks, Lewis! Looking forward to seeing the Shamans grow and become an important part of Coranth's community!

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corantina is lol

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