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So I would like to own an inn/alchemy shop and thought of this: if someone decides not to pay, how exactly can I force them out of my inn? I know there’s no mechanic to force people where to go, (i.e. handcuffs) and having the person killed wouldn’t help either since they just spirt walk back to their bodies.

I was wondering if there had been anything mentioned about this or if anyone had any ideas! :)

Simple it's an implicit contract, you set conditions and post them by the inn's front door on the outside and by the desk/bar on the inside. If they fail to meet those conditions then you kick them out and take the money you need to recoup losses from their shit. If they don't have the money sell their shit, if they damage things have a posted extra charge for repair fees. Throw the rest out on the ground, if they resist hire some Brudvir muscle to throw them out as trespassers. Done. I believe there is still a knock back mechanic, you just can't tie someone up, you may even be able to grapple.