[NA-E] [County] Grand Runner

I plan to ensure our infrastructure is among the best in the kingdom day one. On top of that I have secured investments from various patrons in both time and wealth.

Residents who want to play the game in an atmosphere that is conducive of their own personal goals are welcome. All citizens will need to pool efforts to some extent. Once we get things rolling we will be able to focus on what we want instead of what we need. The stability of the regions prosperity is in all of our interests.

Link To Discord

My lands are "Free Chat Zones" you can say anything you like without the worry of the group turning on you in a way that results in moderation.

Donations: of Villager Tokens are in need. Friend Code: 5BEC36 Account: Botard <3 Thank you in advance, special perks for resident donors <3
3 coin donations get an Elyrian pledge package*

Recruitment: I will make sure you have the tools and supplies available to keep your interests streamlined the best i can.

Keeping our shops full of good foods and plenty of drink will ensure our city be a stop for the most hopeful. I feel the backbone of a strong ramp up is going to be food production, housing, jobs. Once we have a large npc force that i can have doing most of the collection, we can use the advantage to streamline our interests.

Looking for farmers. I have invested in bees, seed and equipment to ensure us a solid foundation. Land Grants Available.

Looking for people who are interested in animal husbandry. I have invested in both prized and normal livestock Breeding Grants Available.

Looking for craftsman(and craftswoman) interested in learning and building the future of Runner. I have invested in textiles, stills and medicine with enough carts and boats to move our products near and far. Material Grants Available

Looking for Gentry to become mayors and help shape Elyria. All mayors will have a sovereign home gifted by me.

Looking for Aristocrats to join the City Council and share the fruits of responsibility. All day one store owners will pay reduced taxes (possibly 0%).

Looking for the Military minded to join our ranks. I have invested in leather armor, wooden shields and steel axes. City Guard provides housing, food, weapons and armor.

Looking for Adventurers to call Grand Runner home. The right candidates may find themselves with a gifted plot of land and a house in the woods to recall home to after a long quest

I have a personal fortune of over 15k EP to ensure the capitol of Grand Runner will have a Commercial District (markets and shops) , Business District (contracts and materials) , Residential District (a calm peaceful place) , Financial District(Bank and City Guard) as well as the port and farming areas.

[Strength Method Honor]

Work hard and I will make sure even the poorest citizen be recognized for their wealth of worth.

5/21/2018 11:18:11 AM #1

Please message me with any questions.

6/7/2018 11:03:07 AM #2

Currently Recruiting 3 mayors, sign on bonus included.

6/15/2018 11:20:29 AM #3

What is the bonus?

6/15/2018 11:22:30 AM #4

He will gift you a plot of land and a house that is yours even if you aren't a mayor anymore. ^_^

6/23/2018 11:07:13 AM #5

A new day is upon us.

7/18/2018 1:45:08 PM #6


8/2/2018 11:23:54 AM #7


8/27/2018 10:52:13 AM #8

Free Elyrian package for my next Mayor pledges friend to join them in the journey.

9/19/2018 1:10:44 PM #9

Great place to call home, can be my self without worrying about the crowed turning.

10/25/2018 5:37:21 PM #10

Hey have you pledged for a kingdom or duchy?


11/30/2018 6:02:43 PM #11


3/23/2019 11:47:48 AM #12

The hour is almost here, Free elyrian package for my next resident or their closest friend.

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