Grand County of Genem

#Welcome to the Grand County of Genem!


We are a five times grand county based in the Duchy of Triteia within Vornair. Our community consists of over 80 pledged players spread across 7 settlements, with the namesake community Genesis Empire having been together for nearly a decade across multiple games. The county itself is ruled in tandem by two counts, Lord Isi Rivolde and Lady Luna Revel, with each focusing collaboratively on different facets of management.

Goals and Plans

The Grand County of Genem is planning on starting the game with an inward focus on infrastructure and economy. We intend to take full advantage of our 5 counties worth of land and resources, by pushing agricultre and local trade early, with a later push towards R&D on ships and building our trade network outward. This is facilitated by our position on the western coast, as well as our access to two long and deep waterways that allows connections to six inland counties across three duchies


Government Structure

Our Aristocracy will form part of a "Council of Lords", with whom the Counts will make decisions regarding the overall state of the county. We also plan to give our Mayors and their communities effective control of expanded regions of county land to oversee in trust. On a more macro level most positions, such as “ministers of [X]”, wont exist as one might expect; positions requiring a certain level of expertise will be filled post launch via the contract system. The contract may award a position in the Council of Lords for a period of time, or it may award the player managerial powers over a civil project. These contracts will be awarded based on overall need, merit and a candidates ability to adequately perform in the role. This system should help to prevent long term abuses of power, and ensure we have the right people where we need them, when we need them.

Guilds and Organizations

We are always looking for ambitious innovators and forward thinkers to bring in fresh ideas and bolster existing guilds, whether at a local level or abroad. The Counts are willing to work with new guilds and organizations, and will negotiate tax breaks or startup subsidies to help promote advancement in any variety of fields. To find out what guilds exist currently, check the settlement posts below, or if you have good ideas for a guild, speak with the Counts or Mayors today!


The MTI, also known as the Mann Trafficking Initiative, is a county assisted program to bring in non-local members of a players desired tribe for use in making “designer” child contracts. Details to come in a future update.

Settlements of Genem


Lord Isi Rivolde and Lady Luna Revel

What started as a simple barony for the Genesis Empire gaming community is now the Capital of a large county. Situated on the coast in the Eventide Moor region of Genem, the main focus of the capital is economics. Genesis will also become the home of the Tempest Arena, a large facility with planned jousting lanes, a quarter mile and mile long racetrack, and a large amphitheater for combat sports and theater alike. Looking for players across all walks of life interested in settling in what will be a bustling metropolis on the coast. Feel free to message either Lunar Revel#9999 or Lord Isi#8963 on Discord to find out more about Genem!

Red Shadow Village
Lord Dax

Red Shadow Village is a small fortified village located just east of Genesis within the Eventide Moors. It is here that the counties centralized guard forces are trained by our resident hardcore PvP Mayor Dax.

Corvidae Citadel
Lord Viscount Noctem Crow

Located along the Lake in the Northeastern Nox Region of Genem, The Corvidae Citadel is an honor-bound settlement where brotherhood and camaraderie are the main emphasis. As such, our long term goals include building up a successful military group of brothers and sisters, establishing ourselves as a successful PvP group, and ensuring the survival of our county and ourselves.

The existence of the Citadel is tied to the main guild of the town, The Corvus Contracting Company. Both the town and the Company are lead by Lord Viscount Noctem Crow. The Company is a PvP/PvE group dedicated to ensuring the stability of the town, county, and surrounding wilds of Nox.

However, while Corvus Contracting is the main guild, the Citadel is open to all who wish to join. Whether it be to found your own guild, establish your own company, or simply have a place to lay your head, as long as you’re not a dick you’re more than welcome to join us.

Lord Scheneighnay Ewdotîmdweau

Burgwall, a coastal port delving in the Northern region of Genem known as Ilima, is an aspiring trade center and we aim to achieve this by promoting collaboration between our merchants and with other cities in order to create a safe and efficient trade system. As of right now, the town is primarily looking for merchants and liasons, as well as full-time guards willing to train and lead a reserve force.

Message Scheneighnay on the CoE main forum for more info.

Eagle's Landing
Lord George Creighton

Eagle's Landing is the main city in Genem's Southern Aeri Region, and caters to many commercial opportunities. The city is centrally located on a major waterway, with trade access to several settlements dozens of miles inland from the western sea. This facilitates trade to regions all across Elyria.

What we are mainly looking for are merchants, craftsmen, and shipbuilders, but if you aren't interested in that, other positions are available in the guard, navy, or trade ship protection force. If you have any questions please join our discord.

Phoenix's Prey
Lord Jon Provost

Phoenix’s Prey is the second settlement in the region of Aeri. We aim to be the food production and distribution hub of the county, which means we need farmers, animal breeders, chefs, and protection services. Due to our central location within the county as well as our relative proximity to the capital and both major waterways, Phoenix's Prey boasts the ability to easily maintain trade relations with many settlements.

If you have any questions please join our discord.


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Recruitment Opportunities!

The Capital is looking for:

-Merchants, sailors and traders

-A specialized armoursmith to take up residence at the county backed Maulblight Forgeworks

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Glad to see a post emerge for your community. Looking forward to domain selection myself, hope you guys get some good options!

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After a year and a half adrift we have finally and officially settled in Vornair within the Duchy of the High Seas. We look forward to working alongside our new countrymen to create the brightest of futures.

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Land Investment Opportunity

Located on the gorgeous East shore of scenic Pinion Lake, this settlement is one hot property. Not only is it the final stop inland along a robust river trade network that leads all the way to the Western sea, its walls are within walking distance of not one, but two duchies. Given a passionate proclivity for prosperity and a slick silver tongue, one could definitely dicker a deal or two in your favour here.


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