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PvP (Mercenary) team allied with the Dread Legion.

Vertuus is comprised of a variety of people, from young to old; strategic to impulsive. The one thing we have in common is that we are all hardened raiders and determined pillagers - yet we do have a caring side. We will always make time for those who ask for help... and we are fiercely loyal to one another.

Some of us have hearts and some of us are loose cannons. Many of us have taken part in top server and world boss kills throughout multiple games. We know how to run raid comms and coordinate in larger alliances. Now is your chance to join the fun and have a good time (though you must be up for a challenge).

We welcome players who are driven, willing, and able to learn with us [that are 18+] to apply. Become a resident in our county and create memories you will never forget!

In Vertuus County our goal is to create an environment which enhances Chronicles of Elyria for its members by providing all the perks of an organized domain while still enabling you to retain your individual goals. Great minds compare themselves only with the most able. If you are interested in a Countess who believes in quality over quantity this is the place for you.

WE ARE A NO DRAMA GROUP. Quite simply, drama can be defined as any turbulent event within a group that causes a prominent level of emotion, stress, and unpleasantness. Group drama often begins as a minor disagreement and – when not handled swiftly and appropriately – can fester into a massive and large-scale exodus of good and productive group members.

For more information please speak with our mayors, barons, or count!

Mayors & Barons:

  • Beste

    (Crafting / Technology)

    Discord: Beste#2507

  • Spiffy

    (Bounty Hunting / Bank)

    Discord: Spiffy#7818

  • RSVirus

    (Tinkerer / Artillerist / PvP)

    Discord: Rsvirus#9080

  • SnowFury

    (Marine [Ships] / PvP)

    [Assistant: Onev]

    Discord: Fury#9650

Co-conspirator of Shenanigans (Allied County)

  • Tyrus

    (Marine [Ships] / PvP)

    Discord: Tyrus#4550


  • Jute

    (Mortician / Engineer / PvE)

    Discord: Jute#2048

    I am a fully pledged and paid Count (Weaponsmith).

    I started tabletop gaming in 1998. Around 2004 I was introduced to MMORPG’s. From 2006 onward, I was either a member of - or an acting officer in - a variety of accomplished guilds. I’ve played everything from casual to hardcore, Archeage to World of Warcraft. My average length of stay with any game has been around 5 years – but often, I move on after my friends have done so first. I anticipate CoE to be the next big thing for me and I’m looking for people who feel their goals might align with those of Vertuus County.




  1. Always kill the mount first.

    In Vertuus we like a good laugh (especially at the expense of our enemy). Because of this we demand that, whenever possible, you kill the mount first - as this is the only damage which we can inflict upon a player that lasts beyond their incapacitation. Think of it as a Vertuus calling card.

  2. No IRL drama in Discord or CoE chat. Keep it outside of public eye.

    If you run into a clear and present violation of human decency feel free to speak up and we shall defend you; however, if you are having issues over a loot roll, a person outbidding you, or something of a personal nature… keep it personal and sort it out on your own. We’re all adults.

    95% of the time when our people curse - we are not speaking in anger but jest. Be sure that you have correctly interpreted a situation before you become angry and be vocal about your conversational limits if necessary, so that others may respect them.

    We will NOT tolerate hate speech, derogatory, or sexist behavior -- but we are mature. A “dirty joke” is not the same as heckling and inappropriate suggestiveness.

  3. No CdG against kingdom members unless they are on our KOS list.

    Period. Our KOS list will be posted on our website as it becomes populated. If you were attacked first you MUST provide screenshots of the damage being dealt by that person so be sure to always have your combat logs parsing (if this becomes a feature) and record what you can the moment you are safe or dead. This is to keep with the general rule of no drama as it makes it easier able to defend your actions to others.

  4. Keep excessive bad-mouthing on non-allied kingdoms to a minimum. (This rule does not apply to KOS targets.)

    Vertuus citizens have a notorious reputation for being mature and knowing when we cross the line of, “Ha ha this is funny,” to, “Damn this is really annoying people.” Be sure to respect other groups as you run across them - don’t get salty, even if they are selected as a target for aggressive action. Teasing in good nature will be tolerated but know the limits of who you are opposing and do not cross them. Do not troll kingdom alliance members. At all. You can troll your friends in the county but don’t tease the outsiders. This really should be common sense.

    At Vertuus we like to celebrate victory by playfully attacking one another, or silly things like that. Be sure you know the person you are challenging. If some random guy is standing at a shop stall browsing and he is in an allied team outside of the county don’t just walk up and pop him with a hello-fireball. Save that for the people who deserve your burning high five (*talents pending).

  5. Some enemy groups are SAFE when stopping major threats and large-scale content.

    Sometimes the enemy of our enemy is our friend. While we might not always have an accurate and up to date list of our allies - you can presume if you stand in the middle of a known team with one unknown person standing there and nobody else is attacking them… they are our friend.

  6. Everyone has a purpose.

    We will have trade agreements with various groups, a network of economy, and many other ways to dip your hand in the honey pot. One way or another we would like all members to contribute – be it offering free services when materials are provided, time serving in defense or aiding progressive action, or even creating a warm RP atmosphere… find what you love to do, and then figure out a way to share it with our community.

  7. Fight the opposition. Always.

    Just because another team shows up to stop us at 15% health on content -- that does not mean you get to pack up and call it quits. Part of open world PvE and PvP is inevitably laying claim to said content by blocking other players from completing it. At times, we might have a 24 hour watch on valuable items, areas, bosses, or events. Respect the people who go above and beyond the normal standards of playing to safeguard the content, county resources, or enemy camps and be sure to respond to them even if that means setting down your crafting goods in the middle of a bushy area to come back for them later. We can help you replace supplies but if a major content event, battle, or caravan shipment is stolen by any other team that’s one less piece of loot we have for our own people. Let’s work together!

    We won’t get angry if you do not respond but if you make it a habit - when it comes time for you to ask us for reinforcement in gameplay, we might not be there for you with open and eager hearts.

    As the final part of this rule we require that even peaceful players with no intention of fighting learn a basic weapon skill or stealth-like ability. The reason for this relates to the unpredictable nature of this game - and our desire for members to survive until reinforcements arrive.


Strike one: Verbal warning.

Strike two: Exclusion from county & duchy events.

Strike three: Demotion. Restitution.

Strike four: Removal from the county.

Raid Etiquette

Loot Rules will be posted once established.

Final Notes

Vertuus County has always been a group about second chances and teamwork. Getting along is actually a prerequisite to being a member - and in this group officers are senior members trusted with the power their position imparts mechanically and otherwise but we all have a voice and we encourage you to make yours loud and clear on Discord, because frankly this is the best manner to gauge if others agree, and for persuasive arguments to be made so that all members can listen and take part in them if they choose regardless of schedule or rank.

If you want to lead an event or battle, approach any officer and they will help you schedule it on the calendar within the duchy, county, or both!

All that we ask of our members is that you are willing to be there for coordinated missions and do your best - because good players can always be taught but things like self-awareness and drive to succeed are not qualities we can impart upon you.

Lore Summary

There is a saying in Vertuus County: “Blood makes you related. Loyalty makes you family.”

The county started as a brotherhood of twelve nomadic orphans. They were led by the eldest, who was a charismatic Bounty Hunter named Vertuus Aossi. He took it upon himself to safeguard the youth who had been traumatized, and who had lost their parents in the civil war between Xeilias and the Dread Legion. Those children were given a choice to either wait at the next orphanage until they were adopted by a new family, or they could travel with Aossi – where they would be trained as warriors and expected to work in exchange for food and lodging. Aossi was willing to fight for what he believed in. If necessary, he could win a duel blindfolded… or he could articulately debate his principles in a forum. Each orphan who chose to join Aossi swore oaths to protect and support one another the way family might, for that is what they grew to be. They called themselves the Vertuus Brotherhood.

The Brotherhood were mercenaries – and they explored the far reaches of their environment without hesitation. They traveled in pairs which came to be known as enforcers (who carried out the terms of Brotherhood contracts) and inspectors (who ensured the enforcers did not violate any local ordinances… and they kept a written record of completed work). They harbored the seemingly impossible dream of creating their own home – on their own land - where expectations were different. Aossi gave the Brotherhood purpose and the tools needed to collect their retribution… and then helped them grow beyond it. Soon the orphans had children of their own. Aossi fell in love and adopted a son. The interregnum lasted for nearly half a century.

After forty-one years, that peaceful era came to an end. They were called to the hunt. Many Brotherhood infiltrated the duchy owned by Heira - the rogue Duchess of Kallon. Taking up positions such as guards, cooks, and things of that nature they collected information to benefit Count Resyor Torrin and King Richfort. Vertuus Aossi was discovered on the day they were to withdraw, by men loyal to the rogue Duchess, and he was slain… but not before delivering critical information which explicitly connected Heira to corruption. The clearly written contracts were indisputable. The evidence that the Brotherhood collected over the course of months aided Count Resyor Torrin and King Richfort in overthrowing Heira.

Being granted their own county, the Brotherhood created a place where laws would be made by majority vote – not the priorities of a single heir. Rituals of bloodshed are rumored to occur after battles are won. Some might question what the vagabond team can accomplish… but their enemies would do wise to remember they have spent lifetimes training beside one another. With such familiarity there is synergy. They are a small but fierce group ready to be hired for matters of defense, aggressive action, or tactical consult. The citizens of Vertuus are extremely competitive…. and they are willing to take even the riskiest contracts, for the right price.

(IC) An unusual bard's tale...

"We walk our path alone. Who would walk with us?

“We’re the ones who step from the shadow, all cloak and pipe and arrogance, ready to deal with the madness. Oh, we’ve got it all sewn up. We can save you. If it takes the last drop of your blood, we'll drive your daemons away. We'll kick them in the family jewels and spit on them when they're down and then we'll be gone - back into darkness, leaving only a nod, a wink, and a wisecrack.

"See - it's a bit nerve wracking, being a citizen in Vertuus County. We can feel the Two-fold Queen’s delight as she sorts through her collection of interesting problems to present to us. We can almost hear her joyful shouts as she calls to the Gods, Guardians, and the Faedin spirits – “Get ready to shove the next one right up their arses!” -- but we tell ourselves that is only because she is smitten by our neutrality. We only care about one thing: The wellbeing of our people. In other words, we’re here to help you make a profit.

"So why pick our county to settle in, exactly?

"Maybe you fancy our collective penchant for recognizing how the enemy thinks; or the ends, ways, and creative means that we wield. Maybe you enjoy the thrill of the hunt or know the elicit truth: Without risk there can be no reward. Don’t get me wrong - we have plenty of strategies and even a few tricks up our sleeves, but I’d be an idiot to tell you all the family secrets when we’ve only just met. They say don’t feed the ravens.

"Here you have a purpose; or maybe several. We support one another and ensure those who live within our borders find themselves respected and rewarded for their commitment. Everything rides on the choices we make together based on the way we live. The power is right at our fingertips. All you must do is say, “My loyalties lie with you.

"The Duke has grand expectations – and we’ll not be the folks to disappoint him. If we call upon you it is your duty to respond. This is a rule which is nonnegotiable for it is our way to rapidly assemble and engage as needed for important matters. At minimum, our citizens must wield a bow that we’ll provide. The world is not always friendly, and you must be able to defend yourself until help arrives.

"This is what defines us in Vertuus County, and what sets us apart from the riff-raff. We are tenacious and driven… some even say bloodthirsty. This time we’re the ones who are in control, and that's what it's all about, ennit? Control. If you’re a self-absorbed ursaphant-herder there is no need to approach. The first rule of the Dance of Dynasties: perception is reality. You gotta look the part – so we have some other expectations, but most people can live with ‘em.

"We know what being an outlier feels like. There are some exquisite days that seem to drift by, like dandelions caught on a light summer breeze…. then there are the rest of them -- the ones that drift by like dandelions stuck to shit on the backside of a trison. We’ll be here to pour you a drink and give you some advice, through thick and thin. Failure is when you tumble, frightened and alone, into a sea of confusion. Thrive with us – and make your dreams into reality.

"As members of this county you are granted:

  • Free shelter at Vertuus Landing.
  • Three square meals per day for minors.
  • Access to the armory.
  • An even split of all bounty between [contributing] members (after an 8.5% fee to maintain our county).
  • A chance to become part of the Bulwark Corps or the Guild & Schools of Cremoria.
  • Accurate maps of the county.

"Be prepared. We can help. We’re seeking any resilient soul who will survive, refusing to be lost in the detritus. It does not matter if you are weak or weary: You will become elite – so long as you have the desire to train. We are willing to help you learn."

6/3/2018 6:25:04 PM #1

Love the post, especially all the rules and consequences. Just wondering, is there a Route to Redemption after someone incurs a Strike, or is it just cumulative no matter how much time has passed since a previous strike?

8/4/2018 7:27:13 PM #2

Posted By Nienori at 11:25 AM - Sun Jun 03 2018

Love the post, especially all the rules and consequences. Just wondering, is there a Route to Redemption after someone incurs a Strike, or is it just cumulative no matter how much time has passed since a previous strike?

I am sorry for the delay in answering this! I have been at internship - which ends in 3 weeks. I would be happy to answer your question!

The player who incurs a strike against them may - after 3 months of good behavior - petition to have the strike removed from their record. At this point the county members will all be given a chance to vote as no one voice will speak louder than the others in matters of such scale. If the majority decides to forgive the player than the penalty will be removed from their behind-the-scenes chart where mayors and the Count will keep track of such offenses (with screenshots and details supporting each case).

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