(EU)Golden Grain Agriculture Guild

The Golden Grain Agriculture Guild is recruiting! The aim of our guild is to provide our city with food, hides, meat etc, And breed new species of plants ofcource,

We aim to have many pastures, orchards and farm fields around our city, And hope to have a production to support the export of our products

We are interested in:

General farming, Ranching, Breeding new species of plants,

Delivering good products

We are looking for Farmers, Beekeepers, Ranchers, Other farmers with different interests,

Interested in joining us? or do you have more questions, please join our discord:

7/10/2018 5:43:30 PM #1

looks good!

7/13/2018 8:47:27 AM #2

Good luck with your project mate !

8/1/2018 10:10:26 PM #3

Good luck with this project. I have a similar one at County level.

8/6/2018 2:53:23 PM #4


1/28/2019 2:54:26 PM #5


8/8/2019 4:21:12 PM #6

Thank you all for your support

9/29/2019 1:20:59 PM #7


9/29/2019 1:21:12 PM #8

Cant wait to see what you guys find

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