the Church of Arkadia (WiP)

The Church of Arkadia for the fast reader
The Church or the faith is a stately owned organization that is tasked with keeping the Kingdom of Arkadia stable both in the internal area and especially in the realm of Diplomacy.
It was founded by the State ~ 100 years ago by the King and is funded by him personally.
In itself, it consists of three Branches.

  • The Priests, who are taking care of internal matters (giving out Guidance, helping with achieving justice if needed etc...)

  • the Ambassadors who are forming the Diplomatic Corp of the Kingdom and are mostly tasked with jobs outside of the realm.

  • the Acolytes, the lowest rank who are mostly tasked with day to day jobs but can be promoted to Ambassadors or Priests.

The leadership is placed in the City of Utopia and consists of the Oracle, and the Arch Ambassador, Arch Priest and Arch Acolyte who are assisting him in organizing the three branches.

per the charter of foundation the Church is dedicated to tolerance of all faiths and cults within Arkadia, We will work closely and try to ensure that peace and stability will be achieved.
Furthermore, we welcome everyone who wishes to keep up the peace in Selene. If any Kingdom wishes to send an Ambassador to Arkadia he will have the same rights and privileges then any Ambassador of the Church.

These Organization will most likely change as soon as we know more about the options we have for Religious Orders and Organizations. Also as mentioned there is still work in progress, expect fancy pictures 'soon'.

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the long description

My dear friends,
many of you might have heard about us, the rumours about the church that is sponsored by the King of Arkadia to spread the heresy of an arrogant old monarch.

Let me tell you the truth about our church, about the faith that originated in the Region that is nowadays known as the Kingdom of Arkadia long before we thought about the kingdom.

It all began 400 years ago when the people became unhappy with the dogmas of the old gods. They proclaimed superiority and labelled everything heresy that didn't fit into their view.

It was in this dark times that the first Priests proclaimed a rethinking. Back to the basics of what religion should stand for.
Therefore the cult based his beliefs on three pillars.

  1. Clemency

  2. Decency

  3. Reliability

On these pillars were the cult formed and it took popularity in the villages and cities of old.
It was much later, around 100 years ago when it was declared that no religion should ever become the primary religion of Arkadia.
All faiths should be equal and the church of Arkadia should be the guardian of this decision.

It suited the open-minded Church and since then it became more secularized then most religious organizations.
In fact, we are many things, Guardians, Diplomats and Judges among them but also men and women who will aid everyone that is in need.

It is not true that we are an Inquisition dedicated to rob the good people of Selene of their gods, to the contrary we are helping to connect the people regardless if they worship an entity or are faithless.

To achieve that we established three branches, one for all of the disciplines. 1. The most numerous of us are the Priests, man of the church who are much more than religious peoples. They are judges when no one else could be trusted with this task. They will listen to everyone who has a problem to share. Lastly, they will provide guidance and assistance whenever possible.
These people are mostly living in the smaller villages and hamlets but where ever a church was built a priest will be sent.
The larger churches can have a Priest who is coordinating certain regions of the Kingdom.
Lastly, there is the Arch Priest who is residing in the Cathedral of Utopia and coordinates all efforts. He is the second most important person in the Faith only reporting to the Oracle.

  1. The Ambassadors, only the most trusted of the Arkadian people are nominated for this field. They are the most trustworthy and decent members of the Church, dedicated to the important task of establishing the relations with foreign States and People alike. Many of them are living abroad, not to proselytize but to build bridges that Arkadia can use for trade and cultural exchange. They are mostly located in towns and cities across Selene and are reporting only to the Oracle.

  2. Lastly, we have the Acolytes, the assistance of the Priests and in a few cases maintainer of Shrines. Wherever they are needed they will provide the small tasks needed to keep the Church going.
    Acolytes may be promoted to Priests or Ambassadors if they show the traits needed for these tasks.

Prosperity can only be reached when the mind is open and that is what the Church tries to ensure. I hope that one day this will be understood and the true spirit of the faith will be recognized. sincerely Leonardo Loriano Head Priest of the Church of Arkadia Count of Milaris

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May your gods bless you and enlighten your way for peace, to keep together and to spread health in your kingdom so that no one has to suffer. All the best and much success with best regards. Androlus von Friedenstein

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Your blessings will boost morale of my troops!


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