[Bordweall] Tacaigh Leigheas Cosain

Tacaigh Leigheas Cosain: Medical Guild

Translation: Support Protective Medicine

Abbreviation: T.L.C.


To care for those who are sick or injured. Tacaigh Leigheas Cosain (T.L.C. for short) is located in the Capital of Novigrad county. In time we plan on sending doctors to other settlements to open clinics, so we can reach out to more communities. Our primary focus is to heal all in need of it, regardless of status, tribe, or kingdom. We will offer day and night emergency care and have an Emergency Mobile Clinic. This will include caring for sick received, ensuring the safety and health of the County, and protection of those under our care at all times from further harm while within our care. However, our services will require some payment so as to not be abused by the populace as that would defeat the purpose.


Money received by T.L.C. either in donations or in payment of services is used to pay the permanent staff of T.L.C. Medical Guild and Hospital. It is also used towards purchasing supplies and paying taxes. It takes money to continue providing services, creating medicine and researching illnesses and treatments. We aim to keep our prices fair and as low as possible while continuing to provide a standard of care and research unparalleled Bordwell.

The tenets of Tacaigh Leigheas Cosain are Support, Healing, and Protect


We support the community using our healing skills and medical knowledge. We will not be bound only by our guild hall, which will function as our main clinic and gathering place. We reach out to share medical knowledge and teach healing arts to others who wish to learn them. We will supply and stock medicine and medical supplies as best we are able, to be able to meet any foreseeable need at T.L.C. Medical Guild as well as to aid in outbreaks, disasters or any time they and us are needed.


Be always willing and ready to heal any who come into our care in their time of need. It is not our responsibility to judge those who enter our domain; it is our responsibility to care for them to the best of our ability. To cure their ills, mend broken bones or torn flesh, is our way of caring for our county.


The Guards provided by Count Bourneh protect us from criminals and war; However, that is not our only defense. Our nurses not only offer aid and healing skills, but also know combat skills that have been found very useful. Additionally, we don’t only seek to patch up patients or cure them when they come in. We also diligently working to detect illness at early signs as well as create preventative medicine. Care does not start or end with healing, rather it starts and ends with protection. We will do this by keeping our clinic, and ourselves held to a high standard of cleanliness. Our goal is to not only heal and cure but to give our patients the knowledge and when available the means to improve their own health and prevent illness or injury.


Our main clinic, which will be located in the capital of Novigrad County, will also serve as our Guildhall. Space allowing, we will have the clinic located in the front section of our building. This is where patience will be seen for needs like first aid, and diagnoses. Beyond that will be surgery, recovery and quarantine which will be located in the back. The Guildhall located on the second floor is for crafting, research and administration. The guildhall’s purpose is to be a place where those with medical skills, or wishing to develop medical skills, may gather and gain, improve, or impart their knowledge. This includes not only those with survival type skills, but also alchemists, and those versed in lore. We will welcome crafters such as weavers, pharmacologist and alchemist. We encourage research, discovery, and the creation of new medicines. We are interested in making connections and possibly dedicate trade with suppliers who would either benefit the guild and benefit from the guild in a mutual manner such as cloth, herbalist, and glassmakers.



This is the highest position within the guild, responsible for day to day workings and managing guild members and their activities. The Director is a skilled and practiced Physician; however, they are typically busy with the paperwork, payroll, and management of the Guild as much as they are treating patients. They are also responsible for insuring that the Count is kept in good health.



These are guild members responsible for performing task such as Surgery, bone setting and diagnoses. They will have the knowledge to be able to diagnose and prescribe appropriate treatment for all known ailments. To this end, they are also required to have a basic understanding of Pharmacology. It is the Goal of T.L.C. Medical guild to have Doctors that are known throughout the Duchy or farther that are revered as the most skilled and knowledgeable of healers. Doctors, which will have the seal of approval from Tacaigh Leigheas Cosain: Medical Guild, will have the necessary skill set to open up other branches across Blood Oak Dutchy. This is also encouraged provided Tacaigh Leigheas Cosain: Medical Guild Hospital, which is also the Guild Hall, has enough staff on location.


Residents are Physicians, similar to doctors. However, their knowledge, experience, and skills are not on the same tier. These guild members have some knowledge of first aid, and/or other healing arts and have dedicated themselves to becoming skilled doctors. They relocate to TLC medical guild hall in order to gain the additional knowledge and skills. Their task typically involves cleaning and sanitation, bandaging, and learning from other members of the Guild by study, observation, and finally practice. Once they are approved as Doctors, they become a part of a recognized and reputable force dedicated to healing.


These Guild members are indispensable and are just as important as the doctors. Nurses see to patients, are skilled in first aid and have the knowledge to recognize most symptoms of common ailments. They take care of issues such as sickness and making first assessments of the situation. They have skill in combat for the purpose of defending the patients and medical staff; as well as cooking to be able to provide food and drink to the sick. Nurses, along with Doctors are also the ones that respond during plague outbreak. Where you find a Doctor of TLC you will often find a nurse. These two roles work together to ensure the best care is given.

At the TLC guild hall, Residents will be counted among their number as well.


We encourage all of our crafters and work to supply them with the ingredients and challenges that they need to improve their skill.


Pharmacists are crafters of medicine. It is with their skills that we are able to treat illnesses with medicine.


Alchemists are Crafters that take raw ingredients and create components. Sometimes these components are able to be used for treatments as they are. Other times their products are given to the Pharmacist to further process them and turn them into more refined medicine.

Have questions? Please feel free to reach out to a member of the guild on our discord chat! Click hereto access our discord server!  

8/7/2018 12:25:48 AM #1

Amazing! Were very lucky to have a group like yours in the Capital!

8/7/2018 12:27:57 AM #2

"Ensuring the safety and health of the County" - Sounds to me like a pretty good deal! Happy to have you with us in Novigrad!

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8/7/2018 12:41:04 AM #3

Where do I sign up?

8/7/2018 2:04:39 AM #4

Happy to have this group in Novigrad looking after the health of our citizens!

8/7/2018 2:48:34 AM #5

Posted By Gohab at 8/7/2018 12:41:04 AM

Where do I sign up?

Simply head over to the Discord server! We will be happy to welcome you! Heres an invite link:

8/7/2018 3:12:41 AM #6

Looks Good. And from the looks of it your Guild may quickly outgrow it's hall.

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8/7/2018 3:19:59 AM #7

That is true! However we hope to have raised enough funds and resources to obtain or create a bigger clinic/guild hall by that time!

11/3/2018 6:27:33 PM #8

I thought I was going to be alone in this effort and when I told Count Bourneh my plans he sent me this link. I am very interested to apply if I could.

4/26/2019 12:52:36 AM #9

This response has been a LONG time coming I apologize! However, I am glad to have you in the ranks of the guild! My end goal is to have enough players active in the guild to truly be able to do some good, even from the start of the game!

4/29/2019 12:14:11 AM #10

I'd like to join too!

Will you have a secret subsect of poison makers?

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