FPS drop on login/register page

This wouldn't really be categorized as a bug, but it bugs me personally. The login and register screen takes a massive toll on the frames per second even on my stationary PC. I assume this is due to the background video rendering. The old more simple layout login screen did not have any of these issues, which I would personally prefer. My suggestion would be to either use a still background, or optimizing it lowering the resolution (which probably wouldn't hurt as it is blurred out anyway). This is more of a suggestion that I hope you can use. Sorry for the block of text.


8/13/2018 10:25:55 PM #1

We're sorry you are having this negative experience.

Can you please provide any additional information as to what browser you are using, the device type, and your internet connection?

Thank you for any further details you can provide

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8/14/2018 4:30:28 AM #2

Not OP but I can confirm this issue.

On Firefox 61 the login page feels extremely slow. Typing has a huge delay. I remember having this problem with previous versions of Firefox as well.

Internet Explorer and Chrome both seem fine.

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8/14/2018 10:09:56 PM #3

We can verify this somewhat and will be looking into it.

Thanks again!

"Stupid questions make more sense than stupid mistakes."