Brotherhood of Assassins

Type: Order

Servers: Selene [EU], Luna [NA-E], Angelica [NA-W], and Oceanus [APAC]

Welcome to the Brotherhood of Assassins! We are basically the Elyrian equivalent of the Assassin Brotherhood from Assassin's Creed We will be active on the Selene, Luna, Angelica, and Oceanus servers. Our goal is to ensure the survival of freedom, and destroy any tyrants and oppressors that mistreats the people. However, rulers that treat their people well will have our full support.



Recruit: This is the first rank you will get when you join. When you are this rank, you will undergo training until you are deemed good enough to rank up.

Initiate: Once you rank up from Recruit you become an Initiate and will be sent on simple missions to prove your worth.

Assassin: Now you are an official member of the Brotherhood, you will now go through the entrance ceremony and take the Leap of Faith. Now you will also join in on the real missions, be it assassinations or espionage.

Master Assassin: People that achieve this rank has proven to be extremely valuable members of our order. While the previous ranks wore the same robes, this rank will get their own specially tailored robe that they can help design. The Master Assassin has stayed true to the creed and will be a role model for all other assassins.

Special Ranks:

Council Member: These people have been chosen to join the Council. All Council Members will be Master Assassins, but not all Master Assassins will be Council Members. The Council will be the management of the Order, and will decide upon rules and missions to undertake.

Mentor: The Mentor is the highest possible rank you can achieve. The Mentor will be put in charge of a kingdoms Brotherhood once we expand. The Mentors will all be on the Council, and have regular meetings to get a status report of all the different Brotherhoods across Elyria. Basically these people will make sure that the Order won't crumble.

Extra Information We encourage people to have a normal profession alongside being an Assassin, since that way we could craft our own gear and make sure that all members have a steady income. It will be like a "Blacksmith during day, but Assassin during night" kind of thing. If any of you have played the Assassin's Creed games then you will know that many Assassins kept it a secret that they where members of the Brotherhood, like Giovanni Auditore for example, he was a nobleman, and a banker. So don't arouse suspicion and keep your membership a secret so that everyone in town will know you just as the friendly local blacksmith, or whatever you intend to be.

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