Duchy of Ashira


The Duchy of Ashira is located within the Kingdom of Valyria and will be on US-West server. While the duchy will have a varying range of opportunities the goal of the duchy is to have a focus on agriculture and trade.

Duchy of Ashira

Why Join Ashira?

The goal of the duchy is the create a community in which all feel welcome and will work together in order to achieve each person's idea of "success" in this game. I intend to fully support my citizens in any way possible including giving out items to citizens during exposition, selling land off at a fair price to people who wish to settle within my own county and creating incentives in game to reward certain types of research and trade activities.

Ideals of the Duchy

All citizens of Ashira are expected to treat everyone with respect including citizens of the duchy, nobility, and other folk from outside the duchy borders. There will be no support for any griefing type behavior. All citizens must act within the laws of the duchy and each subsequent county/city laws. Duchy laws will take precedent and only superseded by Kingdom laws.

I will not micro-manage the counts and barons that reside in my duchy and will ultimately allow them to run how they wish as long as it is for the betterment of the duchy and kingdom overall.

The duchy will provide incentives, to be determined based on game mechanics, for those who wish to pursue tasks in the agriculture fields. I also plan to give out personally bought livestock (via EP or the store promotions) to citizens who are willing to be farmers within the duchy of Ashira.

There will be taxes enforced at at level which is equitable and only to a means in order to support infrastructure, protection for the realm, and research projects for the duchy.

While the duchy will encourage role-playing it is not a requirement. I would consider the focus on role-playing to be medium-light.

All religions are welcome to be practiced within the duchy and no one religion will be given advantageous treatment over any other. However my personal city will see the will of the two fold queen to its full intent.

Trade and Economy

Balancing a good supply and demand ratio is critical to any economy and this will be kept in check by using all resources to their upmost potential. Trade agreements will be sought out for the duchy for goods that cannot be obtained or are less commonly found within its borders. There will be work orders created for goods to be fulfilled in order to fuel these agreements which will create a guaranteed income for those who are in the agriculture field to effectively be bought out each season. If our supply is far greater than our need for agreements then more active trade agreements will be sought out.

Council Positions

Hand of the Duke

The hand of the duke will help me make decisions on a duchy level and in my stead will take over if needed in a leave of absence situation either due to real life or in game requirements (such as war, or exploration travels) Certain tasks may be permanently given to the hand to run for the duchy overall.

Grand Marshal (currently filled)

Ashira will have a standing military and the Grand Marshal will be the person who leads them on the field of battle. They will aid in forming and executing out battle plans and also oversee training of all soldiers. They will also be in charge of city guards and coordinating the protection of trade routes.

Justice of the High Court (currently filled)

Will help maintain the judicial system within the duchy including appointing new judgeship where required. They will oversee local courts and handle any appeals.

Head of Commerce

Will help maintain a good economy including tax rates, trade agreements, business endeavors and judging opportunity costs

Grand Strategist (currently filled)

Will help maintain the growth of the duchy including infrastructure such as roads and building upkeep as well as aid city planning.

Grand Trailblazer

Will help guide the direction of all research and advances in technology for the duchy.

Ashira will be a welcoming place for all and will provide many opportunities to seek out your own endeavors. I am looking for citizens of every variety regardless of their focus.

Ashiran Ducal County will be located in Orissa

Ashiran Ducal Seat will be located in the city of Arana Taesi

Come join us on our discord to learn more or join today!

11/6/2018 10:05:33 PM #1

Proud to be a Count in Ashira!

8/3/2019 11:27:06 PM #2

looking forward to solidifying our spot in DSS soon!

8/30/2019 2:41:07 AM #3

Greetings Duchy of Ashira. I am Count Andariel Forodae, Grand Maester of the Duchy of The Haverlands.

I come to you with good-will and wish to learn about our neighbors. I understand you are looking to pick the duchy of Skyhead, which will place my county right on your northern border.

If you have a discord I could join as an envoy, or if you would rather do business over the COE website feel free to DM me.

I look forward to maintaining a fruitful relationship between our two great duchies!

9/6/2019 5:58:05 AM #4

Andariel I have messaged you to get linked up with you in discord. Also i have updated post to reflect map picks.

9/10/2019 5:53:54 PM #5

Updated information throughout.