[Contest] Artist of all shapes and sizes

Good morning or evening ladies and gents… and rabble, I suppose. I bring good tidings for the small folk in Elyrian lands. How would you like to become a bonafide citizen? A hard-working people of the land? Toiling to make ends meet by working the land or hawking trinkets at the marketplace? Peaked your interest, hmm?

Well, I have a proposition for you lot. I am running a contest for the best write-up for my county, Hölmfirth.

Now, I understand what this wretched plague is doing to you poor souls. I, myself have been afflicted by this plague as well, so I know the burden that you feel at this moment. Just the other day, one of my servants dared to spill my afternoon tea in one of those silly dancing fits. That is neither here nor there; I feel your pain.

Now, the proposition: I am offering for the best write up of my County the choice between 1x Bloodline Package, 1x Headstone gift, or 1x Ursaphant Mount.

And runners-up will get a chance to pick from the rest of the rewards.

Now, here are the rules for the write-up:

1.) Must show the lands of Hölmfirth in splendid light, minus the disease and the such.

2.) Focus on the economic prowess of Hölmfirth, and it's predisposition towards free trade.

3.) And for those who wish to settle in the county hub of Vüllwig, will be offered a 52 Elyrian Year Land Tenure. Meaning if you decide to make your home within the bounds of Vüllwig, and occupy the leased land for 52 Elyrian Years(consecutively), you will own that land.

4.) The County of Hölmfirth will predominantly be a decentralized parliamentary government with the Count as a figurehead.

Other than that, it should be a straightforward thing to do. If you have a hand for different types of artistry, you may add it to the write-up, that may or may not affect the final judgment.

Be sure, I will have other prizes to offer further down the road, but with the plague running rampant, I can't stand to be near you lot any further.

Best of luck!

-Count Huldric Franconian

(TL: DR- Do a good write up of my County, and you can get some prizes)

Submission: Send your write-up via PM on the forum and drop a quick blurb in the thread, letting me know you submitted your work.

Hey folks, the final posting is the 31st of August 2359 GMT. Look forward to seeing what y'all create. Thanks!

Edit: I was asked earlier what type of lands Hölmfirth will have, go with a Napa Valley description.

Disclaimer: This contest is open to all servers and people willing to write. Also, I'm opening the prizes to include runners up. So, if if you don't win 1st, you have a chance to choose one of the other two rewards.

8/22/2018 5:42:46 PM #1

Awesome prizes available, Huldric! I hope you get lots of participants!!!

Sha'harizi County - Capital City of Ah'wena - Countess Aria - Kitlandria!

8/23/2018 3:52:27 AM #2

Good luck with the contest!


8/23/2018 2:16:45 PM #3

Awesome contest! Thank you for running. I've just sent you my submission.

I focused on the city of Vüllwig as a reflection of the best aspects of the county. Unfortunately, I don't have much artistic skill, so hopefully my writing can stand on its own :)

crosses fingers

Future (Neran?) Ranger of Luna

8/23/2018 5:57:28 PM #4

Awesome idea! Hope you get an amazing write-up!

8/24/2018 4:19:04 AM #5

That's a cool idea, I look forward to hear about the submissions Huldric. Good luck to you and the writers.

8/24/2018 3:43:05 PM #6

Shield wall strong... and good luck to those who enter :)

I'll be your healer. || Bordweall (NA-E)

8/24/2018 10:49:17 PM #7

This will be fun!

8/26/2018 7:51:26 AM #8

I enjoyed writing this.

8/26/2018 6:02:56 PM #9

Five more days to enter. Looking forward to reading more entries.

8/28/2018 2:56:16 AM #10

Great competition to support artists and writers. Look forwarding to read Hölmfirth's lore!

8/29/2018 3:07:48 AM #11

This looks like a wonderful idea my friend

8/29/2018 8:35:36 AM #12

2 days, 13 hours before write-up cutoffs. Enter for a chance to win a Bloodline package!

8/29/2018 11:27:59 AM #13

This is an interesting way to market your county hahaha! Good Luck :)

8/30/2018 2:53:44 AM #14

Update: The times for a settler to occupy the land has been changed to 52 Elyrian years, not 120 Elyrian years.

Thank you for correcting my math, Belthanyl

8/30/2018 8:45:08 PM #15

No Problem And...done

crosses fingers

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